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Yes, today’s a big day here in Malibu. I’m takin’ a spin in HERBIE below and who’s my guest? Non other than the BIG MAN himself, SANTA CLAUS! Now, I know what you’re thinking… How did Fireball pull this one off when Santa is so busy gettin’ ready for the Holidays? Well, I have Herbie to thank for that, actually. They’re buddies and he asked on my behalf.

So, at 10am, I’m meeting up with Santa and we’re driving through Malibu handing Hot Wheels out to kids around town. If you spot us, give a wave and we’ll pop ya with a cool car!!

You’ll be able to watch the episode in a couple weeks, but for now, enjoy THIS WEEK’S 5MD with a Cool ’57 Chevy and London Cab!


WATCH Fireball take a ride with HERBIE…


Had a great time with Herbie and his Keeper, Jerry. What a champ…

Ride Along Episode 7 with HERBIE The Love Bug!

Had a great time with Herbie and his keeper, Jerry! Keep it up, boys!

Hollywood and Star Cars invade GOLF CLASSIC…

Fireball and the Bogester...

What a spectacular event!

This past Friday was “THE WORLD FAMOUS MALIBU GOLF CLASSIC” where hundreds of people converged for fun, golf, cars and babes. Hollywood Stars even rose from the grave to attend this puppy! And with great sponsors like REACTOR WATCHES, LEI LANA, DUKES OF MALIBU and BIOMETICS, the festivities rocked.

There was a performance by the hot new artist Hannah Mulholland, Megastar Humphrey Bogart (Celebrity Impersonator, John Tobin) and a slew of MOVIE CARS from the bad boys of STAR CAR CENTRAL. They brought in cars from Starsky and Hutch, Herbie, Vanishing Point and Adam 12.

All in all, a wild event with Golf Kart Drifting and awesome play action. A “Fireball Tim’s WORLD OF CARS” episode will appear here in the coming weeks, but check out last year’s episode here.

The new episode will have all the golf, drifting and a few completely outta control Golf Karters… (Yes, I’m serious.) Big thanks to all who attended and made a huge difference for the charity!!

If you can’t see the gallery of photos, click here.

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