Watch! Dwayne Johnson is HERCULES (Full Trailer) #therock #dwaynejohnson #hercules #fireballtim


Dwayne Johnson, who was THE ROCK, and then The Scorpion King… has now become HERCULES, only after he had a little Pain & Gain, a Rundown and then had to Escape to Witch Mountain. Man, he’s gotta be Tranformed…

First Shots!! Dwayne Johnson in Brett Ratner’s HERCULES… #dwaynejohnson #hercules #fireballtim


No shirt… ’cause back then the “T-Shirt” hadn’t been invented. So.. he became HERCULES. That’s a true story… I think.


Fireball’s ACTION MOVIEBITS… Captain America 2, Hercules, Kaiju is Monster


• All new Poster for CAPTAIN AMERICA: WINTER SOLDIER. Yes, he comes with the shield so don’t worry. Also stars Robert Redford.

• Guillermo Del Toro is trying to lock Benedict Cumberbatch for his FRANKENSTEIN. Wow, don’t you need several people to do that guy? Just sayin.’

• Guillermo also doing a wee bit of SLAUGHTERHOUSE FIVE. Cause he’s got an extra day in the week, being 8. Lucky dood…

• Disney is doing live action versions of CINDERELLA and THE JUNGLE BOOK. It’s gonna take two to make back THE LONE RANGER…

• Sneek of Dwayne Johnson in HERCULES. It’s the Rock… with hair!

• Close-up on PACIFIC RIM’S Kaijus “Monster…” He’s pissy. Watch him in ACTION.






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