A day on the WATER… #MarinaDelRey @MarinaDReyPatch @CruiserComm @MarinaDelRey_CA #Marina #Ocean #Sea


Yesterday, Kathie and I were invited by our good friends Hilary & Jeff to crooze through Marina Del Rey’s… um, Marina. And we did just that in their Zodiac while grubbing our favorite treats. MEGAFireball Sandwiches, Hilary’s awesome Salad duo, Hummus and Chips. Yes, Chips.

But a day on the water has more value that you think…

So many people are caught up in going out to lunch, spending gobs of dough on food that’s just ok. When you make your own food (your favs) and plan a small adventure picnic like this, the food always tastes better. But adding a beautiful setting, great friends and a dip in the sea is just awesome.

Plan one of these. A picnic at a park or a tailgate lunch. By the sea, in the sea, along a beautiful setting. We don’t forget things like this. Restaurants come and go, but beautiful experiences like this make up life. They bring joy, wealth, freedom and love. All wrapped in a sandwich. Cool.

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