Fireball and Kathie get a #MITSUBISHILANCEREVOLUTION and head out to get Sh%$#t done. Spot a Chevy Rat Wagon and Fireball’s life is complete. SHARE Today’s Vlog!

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STAR WARS Attack of the Cool Car! – FMV335

FIREBALL #MALIBU #VLOG 335! Fireball scoots his weekly ride, the 1957 LINCOLN PREMIERE out to the Valley to check on his Dad’s Hip surgery progress… then gets paint on his face. Not good. SHARE Today’s Vlog!

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2016 NISSAN MAXIMA SR Action Review! FMV332

FIREBALL #MALIBU #VLOG 332! Fireball returns the BENZ and snags the 2016 NISSAN MAXIMA SR. Then heads to the Hospital. SHARE Today’s Vlog!

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