Many would consider me lucky. But luck to me, is a term used to describe something outside of yourself. I believe that things happen the way they do because of our choices and our ability to think right.

Choices are a cause set in motion, which in turn, brings an effect. Look to where things are not working in your life and examine the way that you are thinking about them.

I try, every day, to replace my negative thoughts with positive ones. The more I practice this, the better I get. And the quality of my choices get better, which, brings me better things! So luck? If you know how to work this principle, then your outcome is all that matters. And that, is up to the way you think… and I’m grateful that I can share that with you.

And now, I think I’ll make myself a cool protein drink for the day. Off the Cinema Vehicles for a photo shoot with the STC Car. Stay tuned for a great article coming from ModernMINI Magazine!!

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If you live in LOS ANGELES…


… you absolutely have to like driving. If you don’t, then life here can and often is miserable. And so began my atypical day…

Morning meeting with a new partner involving a new web project. Met at the City Bakery, where Conan O’Brien and Ron Howard were having coffee. Not with each other at first, but after some quizzical looks, they hit it off and began chatting. My partner and I did so as well.

Then off to Hollywood to meet on a new TV Show. I’ll leave it a secret for now, as I’m not going to jinx anything, but let’s just say it has to do with CARS. LOTS of CARS!

Back out to Malibu because, like a moron, I forgot something important for my next stop, CINEMAVEHICLES. But before I hit North Hollywood, I met my brother Ethan for coffee to discuss his new show. A very cool ANIME SERIES. He’s Executive Producer and is in the middle of casting. Young girls. He’s got a rough job.

Next stop, Cinemavehicles. The new home of some cool Fireballed vehicles. The STREET TUNER CHALLENGE MINI is now among some of the most elite movie cars in history. Nestled between the ECTO 1 and ELEANOR. Soon to be tuned more,… and more.

Then, back to Malibu to discover a massive accident has shut down PCH. Grrr. So, off to Coffee Bean I went to chill and make calls. Man,… it’s only Tuesday.

Tomorrow, off to SONY to deliver an Eagle and Panther. A what, you ask? Yes, I design a lot of things, including wearable animals for movies…


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