What the villains are driving against James Bond in SPECTRE…


The above Jaguar Concept is what the main villain will be driving in the upcoming SPECTRE. And with a car like that being touted by the bad guy, pain is sure to endure… by us. You know he’s gonna crash it if Jimmy Bond has anything to say. What do you think?

Jaguar-x-Land-Rovers-Cars-For-James-Bond-Movie-Spectre-3 Jaguar-x-Land-Rovers-Cars-For-James-Bond-Movie-Spectre-4

Today’s MAD MOVIE CAR… General Lee


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Today’s MAD MOVIE CAR… G.I. Joe

GIJoe Snowmobiles

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MAD MOVIE CARS… #MinorityReport #TomCruise #Spielberg #HaraldBelker #Lexus #MovieCar


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Cool new car BOOK…


New! Just finished this one and it’s got all kinds of cool MOVIE CAR stuff including designs for BATMAN, GONE IN 60 SECONDS and KNIGHT RIDER. First in a series coming this year all about design in film. I hope you guys enjoy it! CLICK HERE to pick one up!