Christmas at the Grove – FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG 199

Today’s Episode : Fireball and the team head to the GROVE in Hollywood for Christmas celebration after Kathie goes to see EyeDoc2TheStars Dr. Elise Brisco.


Love COOL CARS, MOVIES or both? Grab ma Book…


I’ve been fortunate to have been a designer on many film projects over the years. This book is but a small sample, but fun to look at and share, especially if you’re into car design. Snag one on AMAZON…

GreenHornet MonsterGarage1 SixCities5 SpeedRacer1 SpeedRacer2

Dash of Salt, Pinch of Sugar, Scoop of HOLLYWOOD HEROINES!!! #girls #digital


Some great stuff here. This set includes Igor Artyomenko, Wen Juinn and Dan Donfuga.

003-concept-illustrations-igorartyomenko  (Read on…)

It’s Monday… so it’s HOLLYWOOD ACTION BABES!

Yea, sure. We all know who runs tinseltown. It’s the Hollywood Action Babe. And for Monday… here’s some from Sean Ellery & Kunyo. Check out the all new FACEBOOK GALLERY!

Art by Kunyo-Fireball_Tim1 Art by Sean Ellery-Fireball_Tim7

COOL CAR Tuesday. The BatSled…

REDSTER Build Episode 3…

Here’s Episode 3 of the build. Truck just left today for AutoTrader Classics in Atlanta. Then, back here for SEMA in November. Hope he doesn’t end up like Lightning McQueen…

The REDSTER Build Episode 2…

The REDSTER Build Episode 1

EPISODE 1 of 5! Be sure to check back every Monday for a new episode! Yea, gonna be cool. And if you’re goin’ to SEMA, you’ll see it in the flesh!