2012 LAAS CONCEPTS – The 0-Emissioned Honda EV-ster…

This car is WAY tinier than it looks here. Like a Concept Go-Kart, really. And if my friend Chief Designer, Dave Marek had anything to do with it, the inside is just as cool as the outside. (Although, pretty sure he had to hire super tiny people with super tiny fingers. Dave’s a big guy.)

What I really wanted to see was what this lil’ pipsqueak looked like in the dark with those blue lights showing, but for some strange reason, they wouldn’t let me take it out for a spin home after the show. I told them I’d have it back early? Geeez….

But something tells me that before long, I WILL drive this lil’ thing. Even if it means Dave pushing the car from the rear and yelling at me to hit my apex.Can you hear him? “You’re doing it wrong, Fireball!!!”