Fireball’s COOLEST CARS of the week are… well, cool.

2015 Mustang_Fireball-Tim

Why post cool cars? Um… you even need to ask?

Fine, go sit in the corner and contemplate your existence. If you figure it out, come back and tell me which car you’re going to rock.

Aston+Martin+DB9+Spyder_Fireball_Tim Aston+Martin+DB9+Spyder2_Fireball_Tim

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Police Hovercars revealed on the set of TOTAL RECALL…

Latest “Behind the Scenes” shots of the upcoming film TOTAL RECALL, courtesy of iFilm. Yes, they hover and look a little bit “Spinner-esque,” but with today’s tech, they should be cool.

Makes me think that Ridley Scott should do another Blade Runner to go along with his Alien Prequel, “Prometheus.”