Fireball drives the 2014 HYUNDAI SANTA FE LTD… @hyundai #suv @hyundaisa @hyundaiesp @hyundaiindia


There are things that SUVs are supposed to be. Roomy, comfortable, economical, cozy, blah, blah, blah…. But there are things also that SUVs are NOT supposed to be. Fast, agile, fast, nimble… and fast.

Then there’s the 2014 HYUNDAI SANTA FE LTD. Now, if you were to go out and buy a Porsche Cayenne for $100K, you’d expect to get something fast and powerful. But under the hood of this 5-Passenger Hyundai is a sleeper 290hp motor that feels more like 390. Maybe it’s because it’s unexpected and a rather calm design. No hood scoops, no flares, no super low profile tires, no rumble. Just a 25mpg/hwy motor and clean acceleration that when you need power, it seems to know it.

When you need something fast… like for when your Mother-In-Law asks you to come over because she has a “question.” You’ll want to get out of town quick. Or maybe you get hit in the jewels during soccer practice on the men’s league and no one brought Tylenol. Or… how about Aliens have landed and they’re asking for volunteers for an experiment… involving some sort of lubrication? Yes, I’m outta here and I’d be wanting to be driving this Hyundai. Let them grab the ppl in the Porsches.

Ok, so it’s fast. Let’s discuss roominess…

Like… it’s so big in the back that you could fit your entire Battleship model collection, including 1 Aircraft Carrier. So cavernous that your Pickle business will fulfill every order to local LA Delis. So abundantly open that Boba Fett and Darth himself could wrangle a Gin game and invite the entire Red5 squadron to watch. (Not that they would…) But alas, you get my drift and where I’m going.

Wait. Where AM I going?

Oh, yes. The 2014 Hyundai Santa FE LTD has a lot of letters in it. Very few of which I can figure out, but as an SUV in today’s market, it rocks. You’ll look good as your Mom-In-Law disappears in the rear view mirror. Unless, she’s got keys to a new house for you guys to which,… she rocks too.

Check out the pix, and then go to Hyundai and build one yourself. I won’t tell your MIL when she finally gets here.

HyundaiSantaFe2 HyundaiSantaFe3

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