Mechanic didn’t fix your car right? Send in THE HOLLYWOOD HEROINES!!!



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This is how we do things DOWNTOWN with amazing HOLLYWOOD HEROINES… #illustration #art #heroines #superhero #inspiration


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My Daily Sketch… THE ADMIRAL


This piece was part of a series taking regular movie cars and tuning them pimp style. A step up if the boys of Hazzard County suddenly built a SEMA car… Cool.

A day with the incredible CLEWORTH…


Wow, what an awesome day! I told you, didn’t I??

Just got back from hangin’ out at Harold Cleworth for some time to see some of the most amazing automotive illustrations ever. Harold’s been doin’ these for a long time and treated Kathie and I to his studio in Venice to see his work in progress, his amazing Tiki Pad Studio and even his feline friend.

We also saw the prototype for his new book that’s coming from Design Studio Press. Insane! We’ll be doing a 5Minute Drive for sure when a Muscle Car shows up at the Fireball Pad next, but until then, check out these great shots of his place and work and be sure to pick up one of his prints here!

DSC04609DSC04606 DSC04610 DSC04611 DSC04612  DSC04616 DSC04617 DSC04618 DSC04619