MAD MOVIE SHIPS… Independence Day

In celebration of two more ID4 sequels coming… behold… Spacecrafts.


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JULY 4TH Highlights… #Accidents #Fires #Traffic #Fog #Malibu


With so many people coming to Malibu, you’re bound to see a show. From my vantage point, I can see virtually all activity. And with sirens blaring out my window at this very moment, it seems the show will continue.

The Fire Engines put out small fires on the beach for those that lit fireworks as well as themselves on fire. The Fire Rescue Helicopter would circle around in front of a particular house seemingly to say “Put that out, buddy,” and the Big Fireworks were obscured by their own cloud formations and fog. But…

We sat, toasted and just watched the show. Hope everyone had a safe one…

DSC00912 DSC00916 DSC00920 DSC00922

HAPPY JULY 4TH from the Fireball!

Ah yes. Independence Day. A day of independence. From… well, independently speaking, me. Since I’m the only one writing this at 5:32 in the morning, thanks to my dog Sammy licking me awake because she wanted my pillow. Talk about determination…

Now, let’s discuss what independence really means for a sec. Does it mean another sequel to Roland Emmerich’s ID4? No. He pretty much destroyed everything in that movie and just about every other one he does. So, not that. Does it mean we are free from people coming up to us and asking directions to a place that’s right behind them? (Insert Eye Roll here). Uh… nope. That’s gonna happen. Just an aspect of life.

Does it mean… we paint everything white and live in a state of eternal bliss? Not bad, but no. Painting Sammy white would be bad for her complexion, not to mention that Bug is white and he’s be jealous. Or at least confused… Or I’d be confused. Wait… what was I saying?

Oh! So then, what DOES it mean to be independent? Ahhh. The 64 million dollar question. And the answer is…

Just be FREE now. Decide toady… and voila, you are. Ok, now for coffee… HAVE A GREAT HOLIDAY, YOU BUNCHA FIREBALLS!!

Sparkles from PARIS…

Normally, I can see fireworks up the coast starting at Billionaires Beach (Where Geffen and Saban have their houses) all the way up to Paradise Cove in Malibu. But this year was different…

This year, thanks to a huge party down at Paris Hilton’s house in front of me, she splurged her entire HOURLY savings on EXPLOSION POWDER!! (Stallone’s house is with the green garage door) Right in front of my digs went off the best fireworks I’ve seen in years. For almost 45 minutes. All my neighbors hooted and howd as the light show emerged. And after the BIG BANG at the end, more continued in an ever slowly decreasing amount, smoothly blending away. It was great. And although photos will never do it justice, the memory of it will last.

Oh… and she had a Zebra on the beach for the kiddies. 😐 You kooky Paris, you. (Head noogie…)

Our Day of Independence…

Freedom. To do, to be, to think. So, for this Holiday weekend, think well. Be grateful for all those who came before us who sacrificed so we don’t have to. Eat a Hot Dog, smile a lot, have some chocolate, be with friends. Be patient and don’t drive stupid. There’s plenty of time to do everything and more.

We’re free.

Good God! INCOMING!!!!!!!!


Speaking of Fireworks!!! OMG, check out the dew I had back in ’80. Pretty sure I was nesting Ostrich in that mop. Why’s my Dad smiling? As Mike Myers said in “So I Married an Axe Murderer,” “LOOKS LIKE AN ORANGE ON A TOOTHPICK!”

Wanted to send good wishes out to everyone on this great July 4th. A time to be proud to be human. Doesn’t matter where you’re from, who you are, color, creed or toenail size, it is our God-given right to be free. All of us. So celebrate that freedom this weekend with passion. Be safe, be smart and live to celebrate many more just like it. Every day should be July 4th, really.

And my mop? The Ostrich Farm is doing well, thank you.