INSPIRATION is all around you… from The Daily Driver Project

Inspiration is all around you. You just have to be open to it.

Everyone has off days, even me. But you just have to be open to the things around you that give you inspiration. That gets you out of your funk. That inspires you and motivates your day.

For me, inspiration can be a YouTube video, an Instagram post, a movie or a song. Many of my friends and family are inspirations and make me want to create and continue to create.

I find it in the vehicles that I get to see and take pictures of… find it in the world around me… and in the small details.

Music is a big part of my weekly YouTube videos and at times I can hear a song in my head as I walk thru a show. I can see the movement, the cuts, and everything about how the video will lay out. The beats, the movement of the song inspires the outcome of the video.

Even with inspiration all around you, there can be those days that just aren’t working. I have those days where you just want to draw the shades and hide from the world. You just have to face those days and find the things that motivate you to get out. To get things done.

Look around you for inspiration every day. Be open to letting that inspiration in… and your day will blossom.

Wes Nielsen is an Automotive Photographer and owner of The Daily Driver Project. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to his Vlog on Youtube.


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Get Out and Shoot… Automotive Inspiration from The Daily Driver Project

Recently I bought a new camera. A major upgrade from what I had from before and a large investment in my love of photography.

The other thing that has come with this purchase is the learning curve I have to get past. Changed brands and upgraded to a pro level camera.

One of the things I know about myself is I learn best by doing. That is why I went out the week I got the camera and shot a few cruise nights. They didn’t get posted to my website, but they did go up on my social media.

Not all of them were good, but that is what happens when you are learning.

With any of this, no matter what you are doing, you have to learn to be self-aware. What does this mean?

You have to look internally to understand who you are and what you like and what works for you. Especially in regards to happiness. I know that I learn best by doing the task over just reading or watching a video about it. But this self-awareness does not just have to be about learning, it can be throughout all parts of your life.

A good example of this would be my nephew Izack who just graduated from Art School. Check out last week’s article to see some of his work. At his young age, he is aware enough to know that he shouldn’t work in a corporate type environment like a larger toy company. He went to school for toy design. He understands that he is a better fit in a boutique/smaller type company.

Take the time to understand yourself and learn your boundaries, strengths, weaknesses and what generally makes you tick. These understandings can bring a calm and general happiness to your life.

Also remember to work on all of these things and understand that they change daily, weekly and yearly and be open to these changes.

Wes is the Owner of The Daily Driver Project. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to his Vlog on Youtube.

Automotive Inspiration… Everything is VIBRATION

Everything vibrates.

Wait, let me say that again… EVERYTHING vibrates. Including YOU.

You can feel it. When you’re angry, sad, energized. It’s all the protons and electrons inside you that are whirling. Whirling at different vibratory rates, according to what you’re feeling. And the REALLY interesting part??

As you vibrate, you become “in tune” with similar vibrations outside of you, attracting them to you like a Magnet. Get it? ISN’T THAT COOL? Ok, here’s a simple example…

You’re pissed. Someone cut you off on the highway, screamed that it was your fault and then ran off. You’re mad.

Pretty soon, you’re cursing that dood. What an a-hole. Then, somehow, a minute later you’re talking about something completely different, yet in the same negative way.

Your Mother-In-Law, you sister, your kook brother, you job, other a-holes, whatever. If you keep along that pattern, that vibration, THOUGHTS will keep coming to you to support it! Why???

Because you’re telling your subconscious that that’s what you want. And your subconscious does whatever you tell it. Period. So? What do you do?


1 – Put yourself on the right vibratory pattern.

2 – Think about only that which you want for today.

3 – Feel how good that feels to actually have those things.

Then, your VIBRATION will change to that rate. It will emanate out… and it will bring back MORE THINGS to support that thought and vibration.


Remember, it’s SCIENCE. It MUST work this way and will ALWAYS work this way.

1+1 is ALWAYS 2. Think positive, get positive results… ALWAYS. So, why would you do things to hurt yourself? Especially, now that you know the answer?

You wouldn’t. So make the experiment. Just for today. And let THE VLOG know what happens….

Watch your automotive world change through more money, better health, better relationships. Watch as you become HAPPY.

Automotive Inspiration… HOW TO AVOID DRAMA

Automotive Inspiration… HOW TO AVOID DRAMA

It’s a PROBLEM… only if you think it’s a PROBLEM.

… and it’s not.

Buying into drama is poisonous. Whether it be gossip, potential disaster or whatever. When you jump on the drama band wagon, you’re only hurting yourself in the eyes of CAUSE and EFFECT.

Thoughts become things. You think a negative thought about someone… it comes back to you in a dramatic boomerang. Only multiplied.

Steer clear of problems by not acknowledging themever.

Concentrate on resolve and peace. Have faith that the answer comes easily and with perfection for everyone. And… IT WILL.

CAUSE: Thoughts of a mountain… or a molehill.

EFFECT: Mountains of problems …or peace. Your choice.

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A BIG THOUGHT from poet Edgar Guest…

“You can do it as much as you THINK you can,
But you’ll never accomplish more;
If you’re afraid of yourself young man,
There’s little for you in store.
For failure comes from the INSIDE first,
It’s there if we only knew it,
But you will win, though you face the worst,
If you know that you’re going to do it.”

Edgar Guest


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