Movie Cars of the Day: MAD MAX

Yes, probably the most iconic at this point, although the Batmobile is too. But, the Batmobiles are several… and the INTERCEPTOR is the INTERCEPTOR.

Currently, George Miller is prepping MAD MAX 4… but he’s also prepping two more sequels. And all this with a new Max. Now, will this Aussie be better than the Tyrant Gibson? Not sure, but knowing George, he’ll kick hurt and whole new sorta way.

Good on Ya…


All new Fireball Tim’s WORLD OF CARS Episode!

THE CBS MOVIE CAR SHOW, featuring Adam Carolla! Check it…

One of the best movie CARS…


Easily, one of the best and coolest designs for a movie car ever done. However, the story isn’t a Hollywood story. Seems a mechanic was called in to work on “Mad Max” back in the day and after hearing that they needed a cool car for the film, told them about his neighbor’s beat up Aussie Ford Falcon. It was a mess and looked like a good bad guy car. And voila!

Although, this diecast is cleaner that his ever was. Still, the most expensive movie car toy you can get. This one, is $70 bucks!

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Cool Movie Car ART…

If you’re into cars and into Movies as I am, then coming across something like this is cool. They’re pretty good for a T-Shirt, but there’s a lot to choose from. So there’s bound to be something right for anyone. Gives me some good ideas for something else, though. Shhh… Check ’em out HERE.

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