MOVIEBITS… Robert Downey Jr shows up in the Audi Electric R8 for the IM3 Premiere…


Well, if you’re gonna show up for your own premiere… and save on gas, then this is the car. And it’s good for Robert to save money because he only got 8 Bagillion Dollars for this last Iron Man. Seriously… 8 Bagillion. That’s like, 8 Bagillion zeros after the 8.

8 to the Bagillionth X 8.

Ok, wait. How can that be? That’s… that’s like WAY too many zeros ’cause it already a bagillion times 8 and that would be 16 Bagillion, right? I don’t think they paid him that much, ’cause that’s like all the money on the planet and since I have three dollars in my pocket, he doesn’t have that.

Oh, wait. I owe him three bucks for the latte he bought me last weekend at Bagillions on Sunset. Dang!!!

2014-Audi-R8-Spyder  8681115019_ba41648f9a_b (Read on…)


Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 4.54.11 AM

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IRON MAN 3 Armor Breakdown…


How many suits are there for IRON MAN 3? Who cares. All cool, and we’re gonna see them May 3rd. Boom, done. Pop that into your pipe and smoke it.

Iron-Man-3-Mark-1-Graphic-550x289 Iron-Man-3-Mark-7-Graphic-550x289 Iron-Man-3-Mark-17-Graphic-550x289 Iron-Man-3-Mark-33-Graphic-550x289 Iron-Man-3-Mark-35-Graphic-550x289 Iron-Man-3-Mark-38-Graphic-550x289 Iron-Man-3-Mark-39-Graphic-550x289 Iron-Man-3-Mark-40-Graphic-550x289

MOVIEBITS… Iron Man 3 and Finding Dory…


Very cool news in that the sequel to FINDING NEMO is FINDING DORY. Cool, because this is Ellen’s first starring role, even though she’s a fish. Gotta love that.

PLUS, an awesome diecast Iron Patriot from the new IM3.


MOVIEBITS… IRON MAN 3 Suits are gettin’ scary…


Somehow, I think that IM3 peeps were just thinking toys when they decided to do so many suits. And why shouldn’t they? Every kid in America wants to be a superhero. So… here’s some for them.

Hulkbuster-Shadow-IM3-550x660  Mark-40-Iron-Man-3-550x412

Things I must have NOW…


Ok, just two. But they’re REALLY, REALLY, REALLY important.

Richard Scarry Cookies and an IRON MAN 3 iPhone Case. Oh, sure… my priorities are messed up a bit. I SHOULD want the iPhone Case first, but I’m hungry, so there.


Awesome IRON MAN 3 Collage Poster is all INSANE DESTRUCTION!

Is this film growing on you? It should be. ‘Cause it’s gonna be ridiculously cool… Who’s goin’?


Tony Stark rocks the AUDI R8 E-TRON for IM3…


Again, Tony’s gonna be drivin’ the Audi (this time the electric eTron) for IRON MAN 3. Bad guy Mandarin at least won’t hear him comin.’ Be nice to see this in Iron Man Red, for sure.

IRON MAN 3 Hulk-Buster Armor in detail…

This is getting better by the minute. IM3 fans are goin’ ballistic over the latest trailer that just came out. And now, some detail on the Hulk-Buster Armor. Um… it’s badass. Actually has a badass button on the side that unleashed The Badassdom. A bomb of Badass that when it hits… well, you know.


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Unbelievable IRON MAN 3 Trailer 2 unleashes THE IRON LEGION!!


Yea, that’s how we like it, Tony. Here come the boys… Hit the LIKE button LIKE CRAZY!!!!!

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