Cameron brings back Schwarzenegger and Hamilton for NEW TERMINATOR….

No, that’s not a typo…

Director James Cameron has grabbed old pals Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger for an all-new TERMINATOR. This one, ignoring all other story lines after Jim’s TERMINATOR 2 sequel. So TERM3 and SALVATION basically never happened.

Wait, was there a TERM4 also? Ah yes, GENISYS.

Anywho, since I’m a big fan of roboto destruction, and I know YOU are… then let’s have coffee and discuss this. Leave a comment below and tell me what you think should happen in this sequel… and what car Arnie needs to make his point.


The Cameron and The Governator poke fun for Politics…

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James Cameron announces his NEXT FILM…


So, lil’ Jimmy Cameron has announced his next big pict. And it’s FANTASTIC VOYAGE. It’s clear that Cameron likes detail. It wasn’t enough to go to the bottom of the ocean for TITANIC, go to another world for AVATAR. Now, he’s going inside …US!

Guess I better get a roto rooter first? Have you seen AVATAR? What’s YOUR take?

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Exciting new updates on James Cameron’s AVATAR…

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EXCLUSIVE! James Cameron’s AVATAR Trailer!

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First photo from James Cameron’s AVATAR…


Here it is. Not much, but it does suggest some interesting things. Number one, there will be some blue water in it, …duh. Two, there’s a fairie type dood swimmin’ in it, … more duh, and three, I’m not sure if this guy in front realizes it.   …Ah, interesting.

All makes up for some intrigue, wouldn’t you say?

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Movie coolness a COMETH…


Just saw “The International” last night on DVD. Best thing about it is the “Making Of” as they get into the re-build of the Guggenheim Museum in New York. Extremely cool.. One word…. Netflix it. Ok, that’s two words. My bad.

Above and below are upcoming visions of James Cameron’s “AVATAR” and a few other goodies. Looking forward to this, as Cameron knows how to make films, duh.

One to avoid? M. Knight Shyamamamamamamaalannnanananana’s “The Last Airbender.” I could be wrong, but it looks lame.

Anyway, Happy Thursday. Go out and do something completely different today.

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Upcoming Movie COOLNESS…

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen

Yea, there’s a lot goin’ on in Hollywood right now. Especially with Superheroes. Case in point, Mickey Rourke in IRON MAN 2, this cool shot from TRANSFORMERS 2, Jimmy Cameron’s Power Loader-esque contraption from AVATAR (Seen here at the Licensing Show), SPIDERMAN 2 and such.

Serious destruction coming… Maybe I should take a bath and relax before all hell breaks loose.

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In true James Cameron style, this one is going to be HUGE…

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The Hollywood Car Show EPISODE 17…

0From DB, folks…

Sorry for the delay. We actually got together this week and boy was there a lot of movies and cool stuff to talk about! We got a little long this time around, too.

Movies? How about James Cameron directing Forbidden Planet! We also talk about Bruce Willis in a new SciFi Thriller, the release date for Transformers 3, a remake of The Crow by director Stephen Norrington and the bad guys from Iron Man! There was a lot more, but you are going to have to listen for that! Oh yea, go watch the trailer for 9. It’s awesome! Tim Burton at his finest.

We also found out what Tim’s favorite car is, what the worst movie ever made was (that I watched) and Tim’s celebrity sighting.

Photos? Oh yea, we got ’em, including exclusives from TRANSFORMERS 2!!!

Don’t forget the contest! Tell us what you think would be the best combination of 2 movies and you could win a Craftsman Orbiter Buffer! Just leave a note below.

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THCS 17: [audio:]
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