It’s VERY small world… @PCWCARS #fordclassic #ford #fastandfurious


There I was, sitting up in Arrowhead and having pizza with Fireball Pop and the Bride when dad says, “Hey, did you know that your Grandmother had a brother named Max?” And I’m like… what? This was like the last time when Pop said… “Hey, did you know I did a movie with Robby The Robot?” And even then, I was like… WHAT??

So, it turns out that not only did my Grandmother have a brother, but he had a son. Yea, I like just find this out and I’m now 48. But, after Pop tells me that his name was John Feinblatt and he believed he worked as a Transportation Coordinator for Movies… I looked him up on IMDb. Sure enough, John appeared and has had a stellar career. Just having retired 3 years ago from working on films like FAST & FURIOUS (All of Them), STAR WARS and more, I called my buddy Ted Moser at PCW and he said “Sure, I know John! Here’s his number!” And again… I’m like… WHAT??!!

So… I get on the horn to John and say… “Hey, you’re my cousin… COUSIN!” And of course,… John’s like WHAT!!!!???

There it is. So, John sent me photos of his cool ride. This sweet flawless black Ford beauty… and we’ll be getting together soon for a car show. Yes, he’s a car guy.

It’s a very small world indeed. Don’t put off an open door. Go through, have faith and LIVE. It’s all good, baby.

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