The final production car in the Johnny Lightning Series, although I did one other. This one came out pretty sweet with a matte red paint scheme.


This was a project I did a few years ago with JOHNNY LIGHTNING. 1 of 3 cars as a Fireball Tim Bad Mood Series. You can still get them on ebay and Amazon but it was fun and very successful. Love to do more.

MAD MOVIE CARS… The #JohnnyLightning Fireball Tim Series #Diecast #Corvette #Challenger #Buick

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Although this series only lasted for 3 cars before TOMY bought out JL, they were cool. You can still buy all three and their White Lightning counterparts on Ebay.


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Another Johnny Lightning piece done of the BAD MOOD 1 Corvette. Final below…



SNEEK PEEK from Johnny Lightning!!

The BAD MOOD 3 is ready for Christmas! Otherwise known as “The Bad Ass Bondo Bad Mood….” A ’57 Chopped, Channeled and Pancaked Buick. It’s coming for the Holiday, so make some room in your garage!

Fireball Tim’s Hollywood Garage Podcast #20

thehollywoodgarage episode 20

It’s the Hollywood Heroine Episode! Plus Hollywood coolness like Blade Runner, Mission Impossible 4, The Lone Ranger and more! Plus, a brand new Johnny Lightning Superhero Car Smack-Down contest that you aren’t going to want to miss!

LISTEN NOW! Fireball Tim’s Hollywood Garage Episode 20!
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EXCLUSIVE! Johnny Lightning launches LETHAL BAD MOOD…

So, WHAM! Here it is, folks. Withing two weeks, you’ll be able to head to WalMart for the all new LETHAL BAD MOOD! BM2, as I like to call it, although that could be taken a number of ways. 😉

Check out the interview we did with Johnny Lightning Big Cheeso, Tom Zahorsky on the Podcast Show!

It’s Friday and the week’s over? NOT EVEN…

So much to get done today, it’s not even funny. But, it is fun. Headin’ to the shop this morning to discuss possibilities of a new build for a toy company. Full size diecast? And speaking of cool cars, The Diecast Space Super Convention in Vegas is coming up in February, so we’re planning some coolness with TomZ from Johnny Lightning. BAD MOOD #2 will be abundant. Have you gotten your BAD MOOD #1 yet?

Then, the day will take me to buy foam and fleece for a new NINTENDO Commercial we’re doing through KCL, then to the vacuum former to drop off something that we’re doing for Chelsea Lately Show. That episode will air this month and has to do with her brother Roy’s head. You’ll see us create something right on camera for his massive noggen. And Elphis Presley continues to make his appearance on ELLEN.

Then, back to the Fireball Pad for convos on DragTracks and Lifetime Oil Filter. DRAGTRACKS are now available for Christmas!! Woo Hoo! And look for an all new FT World of Cars Episode on Lifetime Oil Filters that will air this weekend.

Whew. Now, where’s my coffee?

Design expansion is always fun…

When Christmas rolls around, that’s when I get excited. Excited because of what’s coming…

We try to develop products and things that inspire, generate creativity and sharing. Things that I grew up with along with my friends. So for Christmas, we’ll have a whole bunch a things. Dragtracks is back, Johnny Lightning Bad Moods are in stores, The Hollywood Garage Store will get updated with cool stuff and we should have The Fireball Tim Edition Lifetime Oil Filters good to go. (Showed those off at SEMA.)

But I have to hear from you guys as to what you want. Something you can play with, use intelligently or share with friends.

EXCLUSIVE SNEAK! BAD MOOD 2 Confirmed from Johnny Lightning…

Had a great convo the other day with JL headmaster Tom Zahorsky. BAD MOOD 2 is out of the bag and will be hitting stores sometime in February. Just in time for the Diecast Space Convention in Vegas. What is it? Like, I’m gonna say. Really…

But as bad moods have different characters, this one will be different, too. From what I’ve heard, the BAD MOOD 1 Corvette (above) is flying off shelves and people are having a hard time finding them. Saw a guy selling one for 10 bucks on ebay, so that was a surprise since it’s only been out a little while. They are Limited to 10,000 cars, so naturally, if you find one, that’s cool. Bring it to Vegas! I even had trouble looking in the local WalMart here in LA.

But as you know, we don’t do anything small here at FTE. So expect a torrent coming to Vegas for the Diecast Show…