A day to JOHNNYS…

So, off I went this morning to Johnny’s Auto Clinic to get my car Registered. You know, smog check and all that, when SNAP! As I was driving, something went afunk. As in, my passenger’s side hub-assembly started a clickety clacken.’

Johnny took one look and said. “You’re drivin’ a Death Trap, Fireball!” SO, several hours later (and after my car was smogged and passed and came back,) I was sportin’ TWO new hub-assemblies on THE MACH 3.Not bad for 130,000 miles, I suppose. I’m grateful I wasn’t stuck somewhere in the Mojave.

Goin’ to the shop is always interesting. Especially when it’s not my shop. But if there was ever a great place to take your MINI, or any car for that matter, then Johnny’s rocks. Da pros.

And now that I have TWO new hub a dub dubs, I’ll be off to Motor4Toys Sunday, a thank you very much.

Barter your way to Success…


Yea, we all have to work for a living. Sucks sometimes, but when you can give to get, that works out well too.

Good friend of mine, Johnny DeGirolamo (aka Johnny’s Auto Clinic) asked if I would help him out with a new sign for his shop. Johnny’s shop is in San Pedro and it was due for a facelift, so I set to work. And the above was the result over this weekend. Johnny’s MINI, …Fireballed!

These kind of things are fun. I do my best and Johnny appreciates it. He hooked my wife up with some spanky new brakes for her Jeep in return. Johnny’s done many things with me in the past and is the best guy around for fixing cars. Look him up. But sometimes, eliminating cash is a very rewarding experience.

How can you take what you do and give it to someone else to make them look and feel good. After all, isn’t that the bottom line? Feeling good? I mean, this life isn’t always about getting something, is it?

I try my best to give when I can, in any way that I can. It’s a Natural Law, so it’s worth it. Give to Get, and see what happens.

I’m grateful to Johnny for asking…

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