UHAUL VAN DESTROYS HOUSE OVERHANG – FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG 782 – After hitting the beach twice, Fireball and Kathie help sister Jordana move… with dire consequences. Wups.


SICK 1936 U.S. MARSHAL CHEVROLET CRIMEBUSTER – FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG 728 – Fireball heads to Santa Barbara Cars and Coffee, spots a sick 1936 U.S. Marshal Chevrolet Crimebuster. Oh, and Happy New Years you filthy animals!

The Chevrolet Standard Six (Series DC) was launched in 1933, initially as the Chevrolet Mercury, by Chevrolet as a lower priced alternative to the 1932 Chevrolet Series BA Confederate that became the Eagle in 1933 and Master from 1934.

It was advertised as the cheapest six-cylinder enclosed car on the market.

The Standard was offered in three body styles all on a 107-inch wheelbase: coach, coupe and coupe with rumble seat.

All bodies were by Fisher and featured ‘no-draft ventilation’. All models were powered by a 181 cu in (2,970 cc) six-cylinder valve-in-head engine producing 60 bhp (45 kW; 61 PS) at 3,000 rpm and 125 lb⋅ft (169 N⋅m) of torque giving the car a top speed of between 65–70 mph.

This engine had first appeared in a Chevrolet in 1928. The car had full instrumentation.

A clock, heater and a radio were options. In 1935, a larger 206.8 cu in (3,389 cc) six-cylinder engine was offered in lieu of the 181 cu in (2,970 cc), producing 74 bhp at 3,200 rpm and 150 lb⋅ft of torque.

For 1936, the Standard Six received a wide range of improvements and a wider choice of body styles including cabriolet and sports sedan versions.

It was built on a new box-girder frame with a wheel base of 109 inches.

With an increase of compression ratio from 5.6:1 to 6:1, the standard 206.8 cu in (3,389 cc) engine now produced 79 bhp (59 kW; 80 PS) at 3,200 rpm and 156 lb⋅ft (212 N⋅m) of torque which was now shared with the Master Six.

The spare wheel moved from its external rear trunk location to a new compartment under the trunk. Brakes were 11-in drums. The steel roof was new.

The Standard Six was discontinued for 1937 when the Master range was joined by the new Master Deluxe.


1963 CADILLAC DE VILLE! – FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG 652 – Among hitting the Farmer’s Market and cool cars, Fireball and Kathie spot this 1963 Cadillac DeVille, or should we say Cadillac DeRUST?

From WIKI… The 1963 Cadillac De Ville was originally a trim level and later a separate model produced by Cadillac. The first car to bear the name was the 1949 Coupe de Ville, a prestige trim level of the Series 62 luxury coupe.

The last model to be formally known as a DeVille was the 2005 Cadillac DeVille, a full-size sedan, the largest car in the Cadillac model range at the time. The next year, the DeVille was officially renamed DTS.

In overall terms 1963 Cadillac De Ville was essentially the same as the previous year. Exterior changes imparted a bolder and longer look. Hoods and deck lids were redesigned.

The front fenders projected 4.625 inches further forward than in 1962 while the tailfins were trimmed down somewhat to provide a lower profile. Body-side sculpturing was entirely eliminated.

The slightly V-shaped radiator grille was taller and now incorporated outer extensions that swept below the flush-fender dual headlamps. Smaller circular front parking lamps were mounted in those extensions.

A 1963 Cadillac De Ville signature script was incorporated above the lower beltline molding near the rear of the body. A total of 143 options including bucket seats with wool, leather, or nylon upholstery fabrics and wood veneer facings on dash, doors, and seatbacks, set an all-time record for interior appointment choices.

Standard equipment was the same as the previous year. The engine was entirely changed, though the displacement and output remained the same, 390 cu in and 325 hp.

Is he a Real Life Christmas SCROOGE? – FMV506

Today’s episode of Firebal Malibu Vlog! After some Christmas decorating, Fireball & Kathie head north to Carpinteria to see Jordana’s play, “A CHRISTMAS CAROL!”

Million$ CLASSIC CARS in Montecito – FMV303

FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG 303! Fireball & Ken head to Montecitio Cars & Coffee in the Dodge Viper for amazing cars, then gorgeous Ojai for lunch and barfing crows. SHARE Today’s Vlog!


An Amazing Performance – FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG 81

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This episode… After some Bodyboarding with the CockerPoos, our team head to Carpinteria for an amazing play in the 2015 MINI Cooper S-JCW.


Happy Birthday, Fireball SIS!

A big Happy Birthday to my sis, Jordana! She lives in Santa Barbara and we’re heading up to take her to dinner today in the new Caddy. If you see the Silver Fish fly by, you’ll know we’re on a mission. I love ya, sis!!

Fireball SIS Jordana, Directs THE KING AND I…

The other day, Kathie and I went to Santa Barbara to see my sister’s new production of THE KING AND I. Now, at first glance being a High School production, you’d think it was a bunch of high schoolers. But, this was my sister Jorge. And she takes her productions very seriously. Hollywood Serious.

So, after Kathie and I hit THE HOT SPOT for coffee (Used to be a car dealership in the 20’s!) and then off to an early din-din with the fam where Fireball Alexa had her way with cake and won, we hit the show…

After a two hour stint of watching and listening to some of the best voices from so-called “high schoolers,” we were overwhelmed at the sheer joy of experiencing a fantastic and clean production. Jorge is famous for working with very little and getting the biggest bang for the buck. And the costumes, talent, sets and every detail was worked out. Perfectly. We were lost in the beauty of the music and amazing voices of these kids.

Talent comes from Passion. Passion comes from Clarity of Purpose. And Purpose comes from Initiative. You have to decide to be the best. Jorge decided a long time ago that she would bring the best to these kids, and them watching her, made them bring their talent home.

Be the Change. Thanks for a great experience, Jorge.

Fireball Fam hits Santa Barbara for a CLAM BAKE BIRTHDAY!

Yup, my Sis Jordana just turned… wups. Not supposed to say her age. So, instead I’ll give her a mental age. And that would be 12. 12 was a good year for just about everyone, and since our job as adults is to remember what it was like to be a kid again… SHE’S OFFICIALLY 12!

So… we headed to Santa Barbara for a CLAM BAKE at Brophy Bros on the Pier. And we ate… an ate… and ate. THEN,…

We ate some more. And after I hit the Vomitorium at the end of the pier, we had Ice Cream. Fireball Alexa loved it because she got to eat a little bit of everyone’s flavors. Lil’ bugger….

Family time is more important that anything else. And Birthday’s are a reminder of this. So, make them special and share the experience. But… don’t eat as many clams as we did… unless you really want to see what a Vomitorium actually looks like from street level. 😉