JULY 4TH Highlights… #Accidents #Fires #Traffic #Fog #Malibu


With so many people coming to Malibu, you’re bound to see a show. From my vantage point, I can see virtually all activity. And with sirens blaring out my window at this very moment, it seems the show will continue.

The Fire Engines put out small fires on the beach for those that lit fireworks as well as themselves on fire. The Fire Rescue Helicopter would circle around in front of a particular house seemingly to say “Put that out, buddy,” and the Big Fireworks were obscured by their own cloud formations and fog. But…

We sat, toasted and just watched the show. Hope everyone had a safe one…

DSC00912 DSC00916 DSC00920 DSC00922


Now, I’ve been to a lot of Fireworks Shows, but this one took the cake… And all thanks to party goers off the Las Flores Beach. Someone decided to have thier fireworks display right out front… and so we all got a chance to enjoy it.

Makes one think about GIVING. Since, we try to cultivate giving in many ways, and we know that what we give out ALWAYS comes back to us (The definition of Karma is “Comeback.”), then this individual has some goodness coming. And I hope it’s a big one.

Also hope everyone had a great and safe holiday. Now it’s time for US to do some giving… so get out there and make your life a weekend!