BATMOBILE from Justice League REVEALED!!

Only 1 quick image from director Zak Snyder, but the new Batmobile will be an enhanced version of the BVSS Batmobile according to Production Designer Patrick Tatopoulis. More Guns, More Bombs, More Badass. This one’s gonna hurt some.


Fireball’s ACTION MOVIEBITS… Justice League, Lone Ranger 2 & Posters


Christian Bale WILL NOT be Batman in the new JUSTICE LEAGUE movie. I fact, they haven’t even called him. As Raz Agul says… “IN… justice.”

Armie Hammer is already on board LONE RANGER 2. I think he could use a pup sidekick this time named lassie. Thoughts?

• Will MAN OF STEEL gross $700M? WB thinks so. It better, or I won’t be able to afford that SuperBugatti i just put on layaway. (Oh, don’t freak. It’s not for me, but for my wife to head to the gym in.)

WORLD OF WARCRAFT movie pressing forward. Now, that’s an idea! A Video Game turned into a movie ’cause no one’s done that! So sweet!!!!!



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BIG NEWS! Bale, Nolan and Snyder building JUSTICE LEAGUE…


Sine Batman is the number one Superhero franchise, WB letting Bale out of the loop is a bad idea. This we know. SO,…

…looks like the news is that Christan Bale, Christopher Nolan and Zack Snyder will team up (along with Superman’s Henry Cavill) for the new upcoming JUSTICE LEAGUE movie. Bale and Cavill to star, Nolan to Produce and Snyder to Direct… off the heels of MAN OF STEEL and the just development greenlit MAN OF STEEL 2.

Avengers, look out. And JJ… get that Star War Thang goin,’ will ya!!!


DARKSEID to be Justice League Bad Guy…

Seems like the new WB JUSTICE LEAGUE movie now has a bad guy and that’s DARKSEID. Nearly 100% confirmed, along with Superman (Henry Cavill), Batman (played by Joseph Gordon Levitt), Aquaman, Green Lantern, The Flash and Wonder Woman.

No confirmations on the rest, but I think the guy that won the gold in the Olympics would be a good Aquaman. Duh.

Look out Avengers…

What’s happening in HOLLYWOOD?

All good, that’s what…

Since James Bond’s SKYFALL has officially launched, just announced is the NEW “Q,” Ben Whishaw. Good choice since he can play the role for the next 100 years. Also, check out the cool YODA Tat…

And is JUSTICE LEAGUE in the works? According to the Deviant Artist, Daniel Morpheus, it is. And finally, if this shot from the Burj in Dubai doesn’t get you excited about MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: GHOST PROTOCOL, then go sit down and have some Chamomile Tea, you silly.

Fireball Tim’s Hollywood Garage Podcast Episode #7

Cool. It’s what we do here in the garage, and this week is no different. Fireball brings us the latest Hollywood Movie News regarding National Treasure 3, XMen 4 and 5 and Justice League, we both have a star sighting and it’s almost Tim’s birthday!

Plus another King Tahoe update with K&N and a sneak peak of an upcoming cool interview! Finally, don’t forget our Facebook contest!. I mean, we are giving away a car to 1 lucky winner as soon as we hit 100 fans over there. Help us out, spread the word!

Enjoy the Show!

Fireball Tim’s Hollywood Garage Episode 7
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