ON-SET: DREDD gets darker by the minute…

The upcoming DREDD starring Karl Urban is looking better by the minute. Gone are the Stallone sheens and in is the grit. The movie should be wicked dark and fun.

New images and poster from DREDD reveal Badassness…

This is not your father’s DREDD. This is gonna be serious, especially from diehard of destruction, Karl Urban. Yes.

New Images: DREDD, SKYFALL and VADERscooter?

Yes, these are shots from the new DREDD with Karl Urban, Mr. Bond himself from SKYFALL and the all new STAR WARS. Officially titled, “Star Wars: Vader Gets His Scoot On.”

Now, what’s the synopsis for SW:VGHSO? Um… that would be… from the official Press Release…

“Lord Vader strikes a blow to the Rebellion by infiltrating bases across the galaxy in a new mass destructive weapon known only as the Skutr. And he’s really pissed this time”.

Sounds scary if you ask me. Lucasfilm declined to comment. Typical. 😉

Karl Urban in costume as DREDD…

Yea, it wouldn’t take that much to improve Stallone’s version of JUDGE DREDD. But hey, we’re in the age of the REDO. And Hollywood is gonna redo everything, so here comes DREDD… again.

What else should they redo? Post your idea below. If it’s good, then I’ll send you a Fireball Frisbee. Remember, the best ideas are mixing two together to get something unique.

Ex: I Love Lucy meets Transformers.

Result? A crazy red-head robot comes to earth and lands in Cuba. She wants to be a movie star but can’t help messing things up until evil robots land and a war ensues at the Babaloo Club. Boom… Gangbuster idea. Not.