Kathie’s Creations in 2017…

Just a small sample of what Kathie did last year. Amazing stuff, but pales in comparison to what’s planned for this year, starting with her MERMAID COLORING BOOK. Gonna be epic and beautiful. Out in March!

Mark Wahlberg AT&T Commercial featured Kathie’s DOLLAR COSTUME!

Mark Wahlberg reminds us of three vital necessities that include food, water and the internet. When it comes to the internet, no one wants to find hidden fees in their bill, even if the role of those fees is played by Anjelica Huston. Costume by KCL productions.

All new KCL COSTUMES BLOG is now LIVE!!! #costumes #mascots #mascot


Wow, been a long time coming, but my wife’s company KCL officially now has it’s own blog. And… it’s run by our Dog, Sammy. Seriously…

Sammy has wanted her own blog for the last 3 years, ’cause, well… she’s only 3 years old. But despite that, she’s got a lot to say about goes goes on Behind the Scenes of our shop beside CARS, MOVIES and ACTION! Check it out, watch the vid below and if you think she’s cute, then subscribe so you can get the inside scoop on what’s coming. And believe me when I say… there is something coming and it’s HUGE.

Watch! KCL Builds a BIG BOOTY for Ellen DeGeneres… #elendegeneres #bigbooty #mascot #costume

DSC05458 copy

This was Ellen’s Mascot a few years back, but certainly was… a BIG BOOTY. Her new Mascot is about to be revealed, so make sure you watch her show and then SUBSCRIBE to the KCL Page here.

Watch! KCL does a #1 for COX CHANNEL 1 (Behind the Scenes)

These spots were shot a while back, but it’s fun to re-visit. We shot in a Blockbuster… which is probably now… a coffee place. Poor Blockbuster. Although it seems like a simple costume, the client had trouble deciding which “font” they wanted to use. Poor Client. 😉


Watch! KCL Behind the Scenes for Nintendo’s BANJO TOOIE #nintendo #banjotooie


Recently found this spot online and remembered our shoot in Vancouver for NINTENDO. No one in history had ever jumped out of a plane wearing a Mascot outfit. The only way to test it was to JUMP. So… we did. Here’s the result…

Who needs a JALAPENO when you can have JalapenoMAN!? #jalapenos #mascot #costume #cosplay


Yea, my wife builds some weird stuff. But every now and then she gets to build a vegetable. In this case… a JALAPENO. And this dood is into it…

Jalapeno2 Jalapeno3 Jalapeno4 JalapenoSketch

There’s nothing wackier than a running PEANUT & POPCORN… #costumes #mascots #honda #commercial #hondaodyssey


Last month Kathie was contracted to build Peanut and Popcorn Mascots for the below HONDA Commercial. The idea was that Honda has a new vacuum in the Odyssey that will pick up these lil’ buggers. So, we got to work. Me, doing the design and Kathie building.

I enjoy doing projects like these, especially for car commercials because they’re a blast, we get to travel and it’s just plain silly. Check out the shots and the vid, but don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to Kathie’s Youtube Channel. Lot’s of funny stuff coming, including Ellen DeGeneres, Nintendo and more. And yes, that’s me (as always) wearing the Peanut below.

Peanut2Peanut5 Peanut6



Today’s DOODLE from my NOODLE… Mr. PoolPump and Mr. AC… #design #illustration #costume #energy

These were done back in the day for an ENERGY Conservation Commercial with KCL. Pretty funny. Wonder where they are now?

Funny fact: The Pool Pump guy was waving around his pump unit during the take and it flew off and hit the car. You coulda heard a pin drop in that moment. Luckily for him, the car was harder than the pump. 😉 Appliance1


OnSet7 OnSet2


BIG BOOTY from Christmas 2010…

Last week, our KCL Costume Division was booked again for THE ELLEN DeGENERES SHOW. This Christmas Mascot is due earlier than usual this year due to Ellen’s special guest on Thursday. We’ll be bringing it to set Thursday morning just in time, but Kathie is feverishly building as we speak. What’s it’s gonna be? It’s gonna be TOP SECRET, that’s what! And it’s gonna be cool.

Here’s what Kathie’s done in past years…