5MINUTE DRIVE Ep30 with Stuntwoman Diane Peterson & a Ferrari 355GTS… #ferrari @kendramorris @90265mag #malibu


Wow, what an awesome time we had in today’s episode! My guest, extraordinary talented Stuntwoman DIANE PETERSON tells me all about her incredible experiences being a stuntgal over the last almost 40 years in movie like TITANIC, UNIVERSAL SOLDIER, COMMANDO, WALKER: TEXAS RANGER and many more. We tool around Malibu in her amazingly red hot Ferrari 355GTS. It doesn’t get any better…

Today’s Episode 30 also features a great tune by my friend and howler KENDRA MORRIS called “Waiting.” If you think that’s good, then check out her debut album on iTunes called “BANSHEE.” You’ll be glad you did. Enjoy ppl and leave a comment!!