A Day to be Happy – FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG 79

This episode… Fireball & Kathie hit the beach, then review the 2015 MINI Cooper JCW 4-Door and 2015 KIA Soul.


Ben Affleck’s Malibu SS – FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG 78

This episode… Fireball tells a Hollywood Car Story, Kathie builds a Walking Animal and both catch a Gopher. Featured are the 2015 MINI & KIA models.


HYUNDAI ELANTRA GT and VELOSTER TURBO confirmed for The Fireball Pad…

Man, cars are off the hook and HYUNDAI’s jumpin’ on the Fireball for some 5MINUTE DRIVE action. Three episode coming up through the Holidays, starting with the KIA SOUL, then the ELANTRA GT and finally the VELOSTER rolling in after I get back from Chicago.

Who will the guests be for these episodes? Hm.


ALIEN KIA SOUL confirmed for the Fireball Pad…

November 16th, an Alien Green Kia Soul will magically appear here at the Fireball Pad in Malibu. I mean, REAL MAGIC!! Like… poof, one second there was nothing there… and then the next, slam! KIA. Doooosh….

Not sure if the Hamster Doods will be coming, too? Um, I really think they’re Hamsters, right? Would be a great 5MINUTE DRIVE, though. We’ll see…