Fireball drives the 2015 KIA SOUL EV for a week… Wait, did you hear that?


I doubt it… This is an electric car and one helluva fun ride…

A week in this Caribbean Blue 2015 KIA SOUL EV went by way too fast. I’m not sure what it is, but when you drive an EV, you just want to go everywhere quick. Maybe it’s because you can’t actually believe that you’re in an electric car or you’re convinced that if you hammer it home, you’ll actually hear something other than wind noise. But… you don’t. And it’s just plain fun… again.


I like the design of the car. It’s simple, boxy, funky and young looking. I got about a 92mile charge and for Malibu, that’s pretty much driving all day and coming back with about 40 miles left. But again, it’s fun and you want everyone to know that you’re driving it. “Hey, did you know this is an EV? Check it out!”

The car is about $36K, so it’s not for the empty pocket crowd and students, unless Dad’s gonna pony up the dough, but it is for the 20somethings that are doing their thing and greenen the planet while they do. Tons of room if you want to camp… close by. Tons of seats for your friends to go with you to Concerts… close by, and enough doodads and doohickies inside to keep you totally distracted. But don’t be, otherwise you’ll end up in the pokie and not be driving your EV. Up to you, though.

Ooo, it’ so cute you’re gonna wanna let it sleep in your bed with you.



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Fireball drives the 2016 KIA SORENTO…


KIA sent me this new 2016 SORENTO last week and it’s a solid bruiser. It took every part of me to not strip it down and give it a Boba Fett paint job. Can you visualize that? Maybe, but what impressed me the most about this car was that it’s a bit of a sleeper. Starting at only $24K, you can bump up to 290hp and that’s rockin’ for a midsize SUV which enters you into the town of HAULASSVILLE. Yea, you know the place I’m talkin’ about.

But let’s talk design… There isn’t a wow factor, but the hidden treasures are the hood sculpt and over bull dog proportions. The interior, as always is KIA quality yet still needs a bit more identity.

It’s nimble and quick and the stance gives it a bit of an attitude… I like that, and so does Pierce Brosnan below. The lower quad lamps are pretty intense too… especially if they were flashing red. But then… instead of going to Haulassville, you’d be going to Don’tPickUpTheSoap Junction.

On the Fireball Scale of 1-10? Solid 9. Would have been more fun in a red one…

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#Solvang, #Chocolate, #Pumpkins & #Wine with the 2015 @KIA CADENZA… @FirestoneVyds @CityofSolvang #HatTrick #KiaCadenza


When cars come into THE FIREBALL PAD here in Malibu, I do my best to experience fully what a new owner would do, inspired by having a great new car. This past week, it was the 2015 KIA CADENZA. So, I grabbed the Bride and Fireball Pop and we headed north in this Luxocroozer to see what it could do. At $43K, you’d expect a certain amount of luxury and we got just that.

Quiet, comfy, great interior peace in a simply stated design. But since you know me, you’d know the first thing I’d do is black out the windows, slap on some black rims and drop the car an inch. On this dark silver, add a blood red rear deck tat also. But alas, I didn’t… seeing as we were skirting to SOLVANG for a day of fun.

First up, we hit downtown and THE VIKING ROOM @ The Solvang Brewing Company for a few veggie burgs. Since it was a bar and the music was blasting at 11:30am, we opted to sit outside and had the whole place to ourselves. Took a walk afterwards to get some Chocolate… and we found lots. Swiss, Finnish, Danish.

Afterwards, the KIA rocked out of town and hit an awesome Pumpkin Patch on the side of the road. I wanted a huge one, but the Bride insisted that KIA make a Pickup Truck so we can make that happen next year. So, we got a wee punkin.

Like lightning, the Cadenza swooshed us away from the Patch and we headed towards FIRESTONE VINEYARD about 6 miles away. Up through the San Ynez curves, the Kia was smooth and easy. How do I know this? Fireball Pop had a smile on his face in the back. Easy peasy.

Our final Hat Trick stop was the Vineyard where we basically perused and looked for giftees. Beautiful setting and one of our favorite wines. No, I didn’t have any.

I love what we call HAT TRICK TRIPS. Hitting three unique places in one day. And in a car like the 2015 KIA CADENZA, it was easy and chill. Build yours online here and then rock the chocolate…


DSC01037 DSC01038 DSC01039


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Awesomeness coming to the FIREBALL PAD in #October from @Hyundai @Kia #Mitsubishi #Sedan #Sport #Halloween


October is turning out to be a busy month here at THE FIREBALL PAD. Not only do we have some cool cars lined up for upcoming episodes of 5MINUTE DRIVE, we may have a few surprises too.

First off, from HYUNDAI comes the Sonata Sport, Azera & Genesis… also the KIA Cadenza and the MITSUBISHI Outlander Sport. Not in this order, but rest assured, if you’re in the market to get a sedan you’re in the right place to check them out.

Our guests are lining up too with a Special Malibu Peep that has a cool connection to Malibu Celebs (Shooting tomorrow!), Fireball Pop will be back, Ted Moser from Picture Car Warehouse and his Movie Cars, Gabe Clement from MATIX Clothing and a Special Christmas Episode with the ultimate celebrity. Can you guess?

If not, a post is coming later to reveal him… 😉

2015-Mitsubishi-Outlander-Price me-hyundai-sonata-sport-2.0t-ri3_653 Novo-Hyundai-Azera-2015+(3) Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 5.26.44 AM

KIA snags a Supermodel to make a point… it’s time for FUTBOL @kia #futbol #commercial


Pretty sure that if you pay attention, you may even see some cars in these KIA Commercials…

Fireball drives the 2014 KIA OPTIMA… #kiaoptima @kia #2014kiaoptima #newcar #designtrend


It continues to blow my mind with what KIA is doing with their cars. A top quality product without paying a luxury price. And although some of their cars lack a bit of trend setting design, for those that just want to feel good about getting where they’re going and not necessarily stand out, KIA has the model for you. That being said, some of their cars other than this 2014 KIA OPTIMA set the bar for design coolness. We’ll get to those on another post.

Again, it’s about the feeling. A 27 combined MPG and starting at around $21K with 240hp, it’s pretty astonishing what you get. See the car’s details here, but the only thing that really stands out is the shear volume of amenities, doodads and tricksters that come with the car that DON’T even come in a BMW. Like back-up cameras. Huh? Isn’t that standard now on ALL cars? Well, it is on a Kia no matter what model you get.


Next week, I’ll cover the Soul which is even cooler, but the Optima’s design is sleek, aero and classy no matter where you go. I really enjoyed driving this car through Malibu for a week. It handles like a sports car and got me everywhere without incident. Plus, I never filled it up once in the week and went pretty much everywhere.

Kudos again to Kia for this great ride. And yes, it comes in a Hybrid version too. Boom.

2014KiaOptima2 2014KiaOptima4


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WATCH! New 5MINUTE DRIVE Episode features the rocket-powered 2014 KIA SORENTO EX AWD @kia

Screen Shot 2013-10-20 at 4.53.29 AM

When the 2014 KIA showed up at the pad, it seemed quite ordinary. A nice simple design in an elegant blue. But once in the car and “accidentally” flooring it, I realized that this was no sleeping giant, but a sleeper rocket. And despite my attempt to get Kathie excited, she still just wants to talk food. So… watch if you’re hungry.

Check out the KIA, ’cause it’s cool.

UPDATE! KIA steps up to support Fireball & THE AUTOFILM FEST….


To no surprise, my friends at KIA have stepped up with a 2014 KIA CADENZA to rocket me to The World Class Automotive Film & Arts Festival in Monterey next week. Opening night is Thursday, 15th. The car will be parked right in front for those that wish a glimpse of this awesome ride. Near Kia’s flagship car, the Cadenza is truly cool, so check out my review here and then make your way to Monterey. Yes,… that was a rhyme.


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KIA CROSS GT Concept revealed @ The Chicago Auto Show…

My kinda town, Chicago is… especially when cool cars arrive at the Auto Show. This one, from KIA.

2014-Kia-Cross-GT-concept-rear-left-side-view Kia-Cross-GT-4 Kia-Cross-GT-Concept-4 Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 6.09.57 AM

Kia PROVOKE Concept to appear at The Geneva Motor Show…

This all new tiger-faced racer is pretty neat looking as an Urban Concept to go head to head with the MINI and Nissan Juke. More details coming. What do you think?

kia-provoke-concept-car_100416975_m kia-provoke-concept-car_100416976_m kia-provoke-concept-car_100416977_m kia-provoke-concept-car_100416978_m

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