MOVIEBITS… Guardians of the Galaxy, GI Joe, Kick Ass, Man of Steel, Croods


So, it’s clear now that there’s a director for JURASSIC PARK 4 and that it’s “Safety Not Guaranteed” helmer Colin Trevorrow. Hand picked from Spielberg, this new guy is gonna do the Dyno thang. And it looks like they’re shooting in Louisiana, so somehow sausages and jambalaya are going to be a story point. Go figure.


Wrestler Dave Bautista is signing to play DRAX THE DESTROYER for Guardians of the Galaxy. But who are these guys? STAR-LORD (A dood), GAMORA (A green badass woman), DRAX (Sr. Bautista), GROOT (A tree-man) and ROCKET RACOON (A Racoon with a huge gun). Sounds like a winner.


Better image of Total Film’s MAN OF STEEL cover.


Baddies of GI Joe. Yes, there’s bad guys in this one, too.


A motorcycle from KICK-ASS. Saw the trailer for this one and I will be getting in line to not see it.

And awesome concept art from THE CROODS…