Today’s episode of Fireball Malibu Vlog! Fireball heads to Our Lady of Malibu Elementary #School to do a “Wacky Car Seminar” and the kids go nuts! Plus, featured is the new 2017 HYUNDAI SANTA FE SPORT and more awesome #Malibu and #Cars.


What’s goin’ on today? It’s important to BE LIKE A KID… #laugh #fun #funny #kids


Kid’s exist in the world of the wondrous. What I mean is, kid’s look at everything like it’s new and fresh. They like to EXPLORE, have fun and exist in the moment.

But as parents, you want the best for your child, obviously. But that can be a challenge as many parents have fears and those fears get projected onto their kids, taking that wondrous existence away over time. It doesn’t mean you’re a bad parent, but it DOES mean you have to be careful not to build up fears in them.

It’s a question of faith, as always…

Kids are here to teach us something. To REMEMBER what it’s like to live in the present with awe at all that the world has to share. Sites and sounds. From the smallest flower and creature to the grandness and magnitude of the sky. We have to remember to be in the present because THAT’S where JOY is. And joy is the key component to having fun. And I… like to have fun.

So… (today most days, I dedicate to JOY.) And here’s what’s up…

After my morning Joe, some reading of coolness with the Bride in bed and some bloggin,’ I’m heading to the gym for some gun pumpin.’ Now, I LOVE the gym. Not because of the work-outs, but because of the people. Tons of people I want to be around because they are like-minded and they love health. I want that. It brings me joy.

Then, afterwards, gonna take a dip in the big blue with the pooches and the bride because that brings them joy… and us too. Then an awesome healthy lunch so I can have energy for the rest of the day. Why? Because it’s gonna be filled with MONSTERS.

Off to search for some parts for KING TAHOE so it can be more pimpin’ than it is if that’s even possible. Then, pick up Fireball Pop for some Gelato, otherwise known as fancy pants expensive ice cream. Why expensive ice cream? Because you have to tell the universe that YOU CAN. Cost is not an issue when it brings joy.

Then… a 2:45 showing of PACIFIC RIM. KAPLOWEEE!!! If you’re in Calabasas, then hit the Commons at that time and we’ll check out the showing together. Gonna be a blast!

Back to the Pad by 6pm for an awesomely healthy dinner with the Bride over episodes of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS Season 3.

All fun. All joy. All the time. As they say… FULL JOY, MASTER CHIEF!

LIVE NOW. Stop putting off what you need to do now. And what you need to do now is to live with JOY. Explore. Do what you LOVE. Get out there and live your life and stop complaining about the past or the future. Go. GO NOW!!!



Please join me in welcoming two new Fireballers into the world. Makayla and Keilani Sullivan. These two tots belong to MyRide Producer, Mike Sullivan.

Now what’s amazing about these georgeous little girls is that they were born so small that they stayied in the hospital for months. About a pound each, give or take a Hershey’s kiss. But now, they’re finally home and eager to begin their love of cars! So, it’s with great pride that I share my friend’s kids with the world. And with dreams of cars, chocolate, all things girls …a wish for a life of abundance and love.

Oh, and if they grow up to like cars too, that works… NICE JOB, MIKEY AND TRISH! Now let’s see if we can line up a job for them, eh?

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