What’s it like to drive the 1997 CHEVY KING TAHOE?

OK, I have a slight bias on this one as Kathie is my best friend and significant other. Being that, she has a lot to live up to in having a car guy next to her all the time, but her track record with cars has been pretty astounding.

Back in the day, Chevys seemed to gravitate towards this cute Malibooty, starting with a ‘58 Vette named “Leroy,” to a ‘63 in black with flames, to a red hot cross-fire injected ‘84. Some of you may remember her pulling up to Surfrider with her leopard print 9’ Becker surfboard poking out of the t-top. And Kathie’s love for Chevys hasn’t stopped there — she now drives, along with me, this 1997 Chevrolet Tahoe dubbed “King Tahoe” because of its 500-horsepower 5.7 liter Vortec that’s been tweaked, tworted and kablameed, thanks to yours truly (couldn’t help myself).

The Tahoe has a number of bolt-on items including a K&N intake, Magnaflow exhaust and ECU upgrade, but also a hi-performance cam and re-ported heads. All that in a 3M carbon fiber body, as it was a show truck for SEMA several years ago. It’s the perfect Malibu ride and about to get redone again.

Kathie’s history here in the Bu is far greater than any car, having surfed Malibu since 1965 and officially moving to the Bu in 1980. And although some will say that she’s just like Gidget because of her love for surf culture, Kathie’s surf heritage has taken her to incredible surf spots like Costa Rica and many other places.

“Malibu is more than a place of beauty for me,” said the Bride of Fireball. “It transcends beauty and becomes a haven for all things good and I love every part of it, including the traffic. It only means that others want to experience the joy that we as Malibuites get to have every single day. For that, I’m grateful.”

As a costume designer and sculptor, Kathie’s career started at Sid and Marty Kroffts’s in 1970, sanding puppets and working on H.R. Puff N’ Stuff. Yes, that H.R. 

But back then, she’d do anything having to do with costumes and loved it. Her mascot company now (KCL Productions @ www.kclproductions.com), handles small clients like The White House, Ellen DeGeneres, the Nintendo characters, Harlem Globetrotters and the Super Bowl. She’s currently starting a project for Honda.

But her resume reads like a list of chocolate items being gathered by Santa for next year. Seriously. But wait, let’s get back to cars.

“Although I know the world is changing rapidly with electric vehicles and how important that is, the feeling I get in an SUV keeps me safe and secure. The power that this Tahoe has allows me to get to the gym but can deliver my costumes to the studios also. They’re really big sometimes. I look forward to Chevy creating an electric Tahoe soon!”

You heard it here first, Chevy guys. If you make it, then Kathie wants one. 

Chevy only made these two-door LT Tahoes for a few years and they are now starting to get popular like the Broncos. If you can find one, better do it soon. And if you happen to see Kathie or myself driving through town in King Tahoe, wave or smile. We may just have one of those chocolate items from Santa. 

Wait a tick… King Tahoe handing out Chocolate? Does the Malibu Life get any better than that?

Fireball Recommends SMOGS JUST SMOGS in Santa Monica… #smogcheck #smog #getsmogged #smogsjustsmogs


So, KING TAHOE needed a Smog Check. Yes, the KING does need to be clean, so the Bride and I went to SanMo to do it. We piddled around on Lincoln looking for a good place and whisked into one. The dood took one look at my K&N Filter and said, “I’m not doin’ this truck.” He kind freaked like there was a gerbil hiding in it, not to mention his prices were ridiculous. So…

…We kept driving. And down the street right off Lincoln we found my buddy here, Chris from SMOGS JUST SMOGS. (813 Michigan Ave. 310 452 7103) From the moment we pulled up, he was all smiles and assured me it would be handled right way and at a very cool price. But his attitude was what really impressed me. He was just relaxed and happy to help me… and didn’t freak at the K&N, knowing that this filter was Carb Legal and all good.

Cut to… Kathie and I walked to a Starbucks, chowed on Vanilla Scones, guzzled a latte and headed back. Exactly 2o minutes to the T, we walked up and Chris was sitting relaxed and all thumbs up. Again, just happy to help. So… we took a Selfie. 😉

Now, we all get caught up in things and let those nasty thoughts get the best of us. And that can ruin our day. But they don’t have to. The sooner you say to yourself that “All is Good no matter what,” the better things get. Chris seemed to know this and as a result, he gets this post and it’s love to FB, Twitter and about 30 other Social Networks. Thanks, Chris.

Does your car need a Smog? Go to my friend, Chris. He’s the dood and show him some love too. You GIVE… you GET. It’s the LAW.

“You can advance only by more than filling your present place. You must do perfectly, all that can be done now. And it is the LAW that by doing things perfectly all that you can do now, you will become able to do things later that you can’t do now.

The doing to perfection of the one thing ultimately provides us with the equipment for doing the next larger thing, because it’s a principle inherent in nature that life continuously advances. Every person who does one thing perfect is instantly presented with an opportunity to begin doing the next larger thing. This is the Universal Law of all life… and is unfailing.” W.W.


5MINUTE DRIVE Ep 24 with Director BRIAN LEVANT & the 500hp KING TAHOE… @YahooCelebrity #director @WonderwallMSN @tmz


Episode 24 has launched with KING TAHOE! This time, it’s Hollywood Director BRIAN LEVANT and his insane TV Toy Collection that covers the original Superman to Howdy Doody to Munsters and everything in between. Plus, I get some Director’s tips from an unlikely source… WATCH!

KING TAHOE is fulla Hot Wheels… and they’ve got yer name on ’em… #hotwheels #toys #diecast

Over the next month before Christmas, if you see me perusing PCH (Malibu, Santa Monica, Calabasas, etc…) in King Tahoe, be sure to wave (or honk nicely!). But if you get a chance to stop me, I’ll pull over and give you (and whomever is in your car) a brand new HOT WHEELS! Why? Because Santa has his sleigh and I have my KING TAHOE. And I love cars and so should YOU…


What almost made the cut last year…

Did a lot of projects last year, but some didn’t make the cut. Like these three… THE BEACH BUS, HYPERVOLT and SALVATORE FIREBALL. Maybe they will this year. We’ll see. But 2012 is gonna be big regardless for The Hollywood Garage. And it’s already started. Shows, Builds, Toys, Events and everything in between.

King Tahoe begin PHASE 2. “52 Mods over 52 Weeks”… again. Last year, I added 52 items to the Tahoe from original stock. A $3000 car became a Bad Ass Truck and I was offered $75K for it at The San Diego Auto Show! Should I have taken the money and ran? No way… Now, is where the fun begins.

SAN DIEGO AUTO SHOW Roll in begins tomorrow…

T-Minus 2 days before the SDAS launches full steam ahead. And prep is essential when you have a booth with a dozen vehicles. So, in the morning we head out with KING TAHOE and our 556hp Cadillac V-Wagon to haul ass, um,… I mean haul our stuff to the show.

But this party is gonna be goin’ off as the boys of Lifetime Oil Filter are settin’ up a suite at the Hard Rock with our own Rock N’ Roll Chef, Billy. And he’s a mad hatter if there ever was one in the kitchen. Our Coordination SuperHeroine Robbin is gonna see to it that I stay focused and “in tune.” And she’s a badass, so don’t mess with her schedule. 😉

The team of LOF will be in full force, smilin’ their pearly whites as they roll in the BIGGEST VAN on the planet along with the DragChairs. And Picture Car Warehouse will be truckin’ in 8 supreme beasts, all to make The Hollywood Garage the coolest booth on the planet. John Misumi from VISION is bringin’ an orange concept pocket rocket and our “Kid’s Car Design Contest” will be sick…

Stay tuned tomorrow for SHOTS FROM THE SHOW!!

Driving means DRIVING…

Today’s what I would call a haul’n rear end day. Why? ‘Cause I’ve got a ton of places to go in one day that amounts to about 200 miles. Malibu to Long Beach to pick up a “unique” TV Stand for the Tahoe (Which is going in the San Diego Show), then back up to Warners for some more upcoming movie stuff, then to the north end of the valley to drop off a head. (Yes, I said drop off a head)

Oh… you want to know what that means? Really? Don’t most people drop off heads at some point in their lives? Well, …they do.

In my case, since my wife builds weird things, I get to run them around for her because I’m supposedly a good husband. But, it’s really about the fact that she manipulated me by using Cocoa Krispies. (That’ll be another story.) But she’s building a Frog… and I have the Frog Head sculpt. And it needs to be vacuum formed and blah, blah, blah. Just call me Frogman Tim…

Anywhat, it’s off to the LA Freeways in King Tahoe. If you see me, wave and say you want a toy. I’ll be glad to pull off and give you a 1 of 50 exclusive Johnny Lightning cars. Just don’t cut me off and send me into the bushes….

Oh, and today is EPISODE 2 day of Ride Along….

Updated: Hollywood Garage featuring 14 vehicles for San Diego

The San Diego Auto Show is shaping up to be an exciting event…

Along with the DragChairs, the list now stands at 14 vehicles including the Starsky and Hutch Torino, General Lee, Herbie, a top secret James Bond Car, Towmater, Smokey and Bandit TA, Back to the Future DeLorean, KITT, Scooby Doo’s Mystery Machine, The Vision SZR Concept Car from the show Ride Along, The Lifetime Oil Filter Custom Van, King Tahoe, The Transformer’s Camaro and one other TBD.


NEW EPISODE! King Tahoe Episode 3…

Big thanks to Dean Soleimani of StickerCity and Adam Wilt and the doods and doodettes of 3M. KING TAHOE will be at SEMA, around The LA Auto Show and in our 100ft booth at The San Diego Auto Show. And it’s gonna be awesome…

3M and LA’s StickerCity lay down 3D Carbon for King Tahoe…

Incredible job by Dean Soleimani and his team at StickerCity in Sherman Oaks as they covered KING TAHOE in 3M’s latest 3D Carbon Fiber Vinyl. And the result was stunning…

Flawless would be an understatement, but after about 25 man hours, this SEMA bound Tahoe is officially a new man. StickerCity is by far the best at what they do and the quality is top notch. But marriage that with 3M’s premiere vinyl, this is something that demands a second look.

I was stopped for pictures 3 times on the way back to Malibu. One guy, right in the middle of the cross walk with his camera phone! If you’re looking to get wrapped, logo’d or anything else that’s cool, head to StickerCity and grab some of this vinyl.