Today’s Best Car Designs… Lexus, Knight Rider, Ford, Peugeot

Which one would you take the keys to? I’d take K.I.T.T….

Updated: Hollywood Garage featuring 14 vehicles for San Diego

The San Diego Auto Show is shaping up to be an exciting event…

Along with the DragChairs, the list now stands at 14 vehicles including the Starsky and Hutch Torino, General Lee, Herbie, a top secret James Bond Car, Towmater, Smokey and Bandit TA, Back to the Future DeLorean, KITT, Scooby Doo’s Mystery Machine, The Vision SZR Concept Car from the show Ride Along, The Lifetime Oil Filter Custom Van, King Tahoe, The Transformer’s Camaro and one other TBD.


Knight Rider build photos… REVEALED!!!


Ok, so I’ve been gettin’ pressure from fans to reveal the actual build shots of KITT from CVS, so I’ve finally snapped…

Gaze in utter lunacy at ourMustang beast and start building your own! Don’t ask me a lot of questions about it right now, as the Studio barely let us release these! Listen to The Hollywood Car Show next week for more “Behind the Scenes” tidbits, but you can watch my page on StreetFire or Facebook for more about our MOVIE CARS.

(All photos Rick Carmody and Bob Hartwick of CVS)

Concepts… No, obviously not the final design. Doh. But, I may still have to build this…;-)

Fireball Tim KITT ConceptFireball Tim KITT ConceptFireball Tim KITT Concept

Cool Movie Car ART…

If you’re into cars and into Movies as I am, then coming across something like this is cool. They’re pretty good for a T-Shirt, but there’s a lot to choose from. So there’s bound to be something right for anyone. Gives me some good ideas for something else, though. Shhh… Check ’em out HERE.

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Another great creation from CINEMA VEHICLE SERVICES. A lot of concepts were done for this one including what you see here. The “ATTACK KITT” was revealed at the 2008 Comic Con in San Diego. Let’s hope the show looks as good, eh?

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Fireball Weekend ROLLERCOASTER…




Yea, a lot can happen in a weekend. Screech, Boom, Bam! And like most weekends in the California sun, it has to do with cars. Well, …bikes too.

At any given time, you can get reminded of what’s important. A chance to reflect about what’s working in your life and what isn’t. It may happen at a Car Show, it may happen when you walk down the street. But one thing’s for sure. It happens.

The Village Coffee Roaster Show happens every Sunday. Calabasas, California. Yea, a funny name, but an off the chart show. Daimlers, Mustangs, CanAms. Yea, the typical stuff you see just toodlin’ around the streets, right? Hm.

Then, you come home and see a Harley, having been broadsided by a POS. No, they weren’t seriously hurt. Just their egos.  Makes you think. Better do what I’m gonna do NOW. And not wait.

But, a celebration, too. I’ll now be working heavily with CINEMA VEHICLES. On a new TV Show. What is it? You’ll have to subscribe to the blog to find out… But, to give you a hint… it’s black.  And scaweeeeee…….

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