POWERJAMMER!!! L.A. Derby Dolls lay the Arizona Smackdown!


So last night, our crew went to see the LA Derby Dolls take on Arizona for my buddy, Badass Bob’s Birthday. And from the first minute of the first quarter, LA elbow chucked Arizona for one hour straight. The ‘Zona Girls did their best to catch up and fought a hard battle and were fast, but LA’s Dollinators creamed them by a whopping 193 to 123. These girls were on fire and liquid fast and they gave the Hollywood Crowd what they wanted in a great game. (Pretty sure there’s some bruises goin’ on this morning…)

If you’ve never seen Roller Derby, then you have to get you rump roast out to see these guys. It’s a pulse poundin’ and action packed night run by Bob’s friend Rebecca. She’s the voluptuous blonde pictured here and has brought this game up to being the #1 growing sport in the world! Check out the Derby Dolls site and get out there for a game. But get there early or you might get sent home due to a sold out crowd and your tail between your legs. Elbooooow CHUCK!


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