$4.7M Mystery Car is the new LAMBORGHINI VENENO…


This is the new Lamborghini Veneno, (“Poison” in Spanish). It’s a carbon-fibre monocoque chassis using an upgraded version of the 6.5-liter naturally-aspirated V12 that produces a whopping 740hp. But it can only hit a top speed of 220mph. Bummer. 😉

This is the Mystery Car that’s been floating around and now headed to the Geneva Show. Although, it’s shape is so dangerous that you might want to bring a surgeon along with you.


Lamborghini-Veneno1_FireballTim Lamborghini-Veneno2_FireballTim Lamborghini-Veneno3_FireballTim  Lamborghini-Veneno5_FireballTim Lamborghini-Veneno6_FireballTim