BACK TO THE FUTURE ending done in Legos is just as hair-raising!

This is a really great version of the BTTF ending, and by the time it’s done, you forget their Legos. Next time, Star Wars.



Sunday DRIVERS you can’t drive… but want to play with


What?? Cars you can’t drive? Is there such a thing?

Of course,… when they’re LEGOS. Lego Movie Cars to be specific. Oh, and there’s a minor other issue in that you have to build them first also. Sorry I neglected to mention that.

Retro-LEGO-Cars-from-1980s-Television-Shows-and-Movies-0 Retro-LEGO-Cars-from-1980s-Television-Shows-and-Movies-1  Retro-LEGO-Cars-from-1980s-Television-Shows-and-Movies-4

LEGO Movie Car Coolness…

What car coolness ca you do with Legos? Well, nowadays… it’s what can’t you do. Not a lot.

Back to the Future… GEEKED

Ok, so this movie came out in the 80’s. But they’re still making toys like these legos. Ah, love it. Get ’em for yer kids and then watch all three movies together on a Sunday. And have Pie.


THE MATRIX in Legos…

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