Fireball SKETCH of the Day…

When you realize that ALL success comes from LOVE… you’ll love more.

Ride of the Week: A Piece on Love, Respect for Cars and each other…

What’s the attraction of Malibu celebrities and their cars? What is it about driving something cool that Hollywood loves?

Well, I guess it’s the same reason we all like driving something fun … or is it? Most would agree that actors and people of fame love attention. And although that may be true, isn’t that what everyone craves? I mean, seriously?

Anyone who tells me they don’t love attention has a screw loose. But what is important is to have the right kind of attention. Being obnoxious and driving like a crazy person on PCH is the wrong kind. Driving something cool, taking the time to answer questions about it and swapping stories is the right kind.

Dick Van Dyke told me he wanted a cool car for the cover of his next album and, if you check out the cover, you’ll see a very happy face.

Tony Dow from “Leave It to Beaver” told me about his high school car being willed back to him after 50 years, which was unexpected and overwhelmingly cool. Now, he takes it to car shows.

Keanu Reeves told me about his motorcycle company, Arch, and that he love Porsches because of the clean design.

Paul Moyer shared his love of his Shelby Mustang and Ferrari 458 Italia, with both bringing him joy in different ways.

Denise Crosby told me about crashing into her husband’s classic Ferrari with her SUV, right over the hood. Her husband rolled his eyes, smiled and said, “That’s my wife!” Then, he kissed her.

Jonathan Banks introduced me to his son and his love of Corvettes — a passion shared by Rodney Allen Rippy and Rick Springfield. Also, Jonathan shared how his first car was a Packard and said it actually helped make him a better actor.

Jay Leno showed me his collection and mentioned that none should be there if they aren’t drivable. That’s a thought shared by Chris Pratt as well.

Caitlyn Jenner shared her Bugeye Sprite with me and told me how it made her feel closer to her father.

Now, you could read this and say “Fireball’s just doing a bunch of name dropping.” But consider this: What’s the commonality between all these stories? The one thing that gives rise to them all?

That would be joy. A product of love — something all car lovers share. And these celebs are no different than any of us. They just love their cars and want to share their stories. So, what’s yours?

Hit me up at if you want to share it. The celebrities read this paper, too, and many of them want to read your story.  Who’s the celebrity now, eh?

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Are you going to be normal TODAY?

Every day is an opportunity to push further. Grow more. Be better than you were yesterday… in all areas. And that means change.

People are afraid of change because it’s uncertain. Don’t be. Change is ALWAYS good. Extremes are ALWAYS good. But, it requires you to LOOK for the good. That’s your part. Concentrate on the good side of everything and then ONLY good will come to you. That’s the way it works… and IT WORKS. Give Coolness. Get Coolness. IT’S THE LAW.

Monday brings change. Welcome it. Embrace it. LOVE it. Get into it!! Get in THE SPIRIT of it!!! And then…

Enjoy it. Peace to you guys for this week. Let me know what you’re grateful for.

Philosophy for a Phriday…

How will you feel when you get the thing you want? Seriously.

Well, ACT that way now. THINK that way now. And before you know it…

you’ll BE that way. …Have a great Holiday weekend folkaroonies!!!