MAD MAX 4 FURY ROAD Video from the Set reveals all the cars!

Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 5.45.18 PM
This exclusive video from the set of Mad Max Fury Road reveals tons of vehicles. And these things are badass, especially the Caddy from Hell. Which one stands out for you? (I have all the keys, baby.)

Mad Max 4 Fury Road Reveals Holden Ute…

As I suspected. A small motor for the new upcoming MAD MAX FURY ROAD movie. 130 cars and 298 stunts. C’mon, it’s not a REAL car movie unless there’s 131 cars. Everyone knows THAT!

The cars of MAD MAX 4!

Been waiting a long time for this. One of my all time favorites, and by the looks of the first shot in this vid, we’ll see Max’s Interceptor again. Cha…