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MAD MAX 4 FURY ROAD Video from the Set reveals all the cars!

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This exclusive video from the set of Mad Max Fury Road reveals tons of vehicles. And these things are badass, especially the Caddy from Hell. Which one stands out for you? (I have all the keys, baby.)

Check out Tom Hardy as MAD MAX!

This exclusive FIRST PHOTO has just been released of Tom Hardy as Max Rockatansky in MAD MAX FURY ROAD, confirmed by the Studio. This is Max’s look or at least part of it. That’s a lot of grime and his grimace suggests bad guys and cool cars, but that’s just me.


I’m back. …And Hollywood’s bookin’…

Back from Catalina and Hollywood is fulla crazies doin’ the movie thing. Although we didn’t get to shoot on the island due to the fact that all the Golf Carts were gas powered instead of electric (What’s up with that!!!??), we did have a good time. Photos coming shortly.. And it didn’t sit well with me either that there were hundreds of cars on Catalina and the noise was bad. Everything shoulda been electric by now. For shame…

What’s new? How about the crew shooting FAST SIX? Here’s some shots from the set! MMA Fighter and Newcomer Gina Carano along with Director Justin Lin talkin’ to the boys. Cool. Then, there’s more MAD MAX Cars, of course. Check it…

Shhh… Set Pix from MAD MAX FURY ROAD!

More cars from the new film. Need one. Want one. Gotta have one… You never saw these, and I wasn’t here….

MAD MAX FURY ROAD Synopsis reveals action galore…

The Official Synopsis for the studio is that this movie will be destruction heaven… Ahhh, a ROAD WAR.

“Mad Max: Fury Road”–the fourth in the franchise’s history–stars Tom Hardy (“The Dark Knight Rises”) in the title role of Max Rockatansky, alongside Oscar Winner Charlize Theron (“Monster,” “Prometheus”) as Imperator Furiosa.

According to Miller, “Mad Max is caught up with a group of people fleeing across the Wasteland in a War Rig driven by the Imperator Furiosa. This movie is an account of the Road War which follows. It is based on the Word Burgers of the History Men and eyewitness accounts of those who survived.


Shots from the Set: MAD MAX FURY ROAD!

It’s full steam ahead on MMFR and the cars are… lethal. Ouch. This won’t be a comedy, folks..

More images from MAD MAX FURY ROAD…!

Now stated as a complete re-invention as opposed to a sequel or prequel… it’s still cars in the desert with a bunch a rowdy hooligans, right? Ta da…

MAD MAX 4 “Gigahorse” appears on set…

Maxxed vehicles keep appearing on the web. And the last word from Director George Miller was that he was going to film 4 and 5 together. I’ll be an old fart by then.

Over 130 cars and bikes… and over 200 stunts. Now that’s a MAD MAX movie!

This shot leaked from the set shows an oversized truck trailer bed carrying a double-bodied ’59 Caddy, each with two supercharged V8s. Called the “Gigahorse”, these pair of Caddys are mounted on top of a monster-truck chassis. It also has a four-bladed cow catcher. Ouch. Max is gonna have a rough time with this one…