Fireball interviews Galpin’s MAD MIKE of PIMP MY RIDE! – VLOG BITS

For this VLOG BITS, Fireball Tim interviews #MADMIKE from #GAS (Galpin Auto Sports)…

From WIKI… #PimpMyRide was an American #television series produced by #MTV and hosted by rapper Xzibit. Each episode consists of taking one car in poor condition and restoring it, as well as customizing it. MTV2 has begun airing episodes from Pimp My Ride UK hosted by DJ Tim Westwood, which features cars being customised in Britain, and Pimp My Ride International, featuring cars in central Europe, hosted by rappers Fat Joe and Lil’ Jon, as well as the related CMT series Trick My Truck.


Fireball Malibu Vlog 490 heads to the LA Auto Show where Fireball takes you on a tour of the BEST of nearly all the manufacturers. And The Clear Winner is… SHARE Today’s Vlog!


Check out the Original PINK PANTHER HotRod!! – FMV441

Donate on behalf of Galpin to Children’s Hospital of LA!

Fireball heads to Galpin Motorsports to celebrate buddy Gene Winfield, spots incredible Hot Rods including The Pink Panther Coach! Featured are Mad Mike and Diggity Dave from Pimp My Ride and more! SHARE Today’s Vlog!


A $17M Malibu Home, iPhone7, Vintage Trailers and CRUISIN’ FOR A CURE! Fireball’s EVERYWHERE!!


SEMA Day3 Gets Gorgeous – FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG 172

Today’s Episode : Day 3 at SEMA Las Vegas reveals more amazing cars, SEMAHotties, GAS’s Mad Mike, Meguiar’s Mike Pennington & off to the Venetian.


Cruisin’ For A Cure Highlights…

Although a bit wet with the misty fog overhead, had a great time at this year’s Cruisin’ 4 A Cure. Hooked up with friends, Mad Mike, John Misumi, Rich Evans, The Blues Brothers and JC with his radical Magnum …and saw some bitchin’ rides. I’ll write up some details on certain rides later, but here’s some of the BEST OF THE SHOW.(Misumi! We forgot to get a picture!!)

Fireball Tim’s Day 2 at SEMA Las Vegas HOT!!!!

Things just keep getting better here at SEMA. Phenomenal products, cars and celebrities. And the girls are in full force, too but don’t drool on your computer.

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Fireball SEMA Day 2! Celebrities!

Whew, are my dogs a smokin!’ Pretty sure I’ve walked about 200 miles today, and fended off 200,000 elbows. (Been using my Starbucks cups as defense. Work pretty dang good.) Although the cars were cool, the celebrities showed up in full force! My buddy, MAD MIKE from “Pimp My Ride,” Superstar DAN WOODS from “Chop, Cut, Rebuild,” SuperModel Extraordinaire GENEVIEVE CHAPPELL and TunerSmokin’Hottie CORISSA FURR were struttin’ their gorgeousness.

BEST NEW PRODUCT? LifeTime Oil Filter! They guys really have an awesome product. Never want to buy another filter? Then this is the one for you. Awesome Billet construction and test proven. It gets the Fireball Award!

Rat Rods, my Official Fireball Charger, a bitchin’ Hot Rod from PRO COMP CUSTOMS, super cool bikes, a cool STONEHENGE SERIES Jeep, awesome unique wheels from KURV… and me? I got to hang with my buddy Alan on Car&Driver Radio.

What’s in store for DAY 3? I’m puttin’ on my battle gear and getting ready for North Hall Antics. We’re filming and an episode for “World of Cars” will be up in a week or so. Make sure you subscribe! Rest assured, insanity will ensue manana…

Dan WoodsMr. RattySEMA Chicks!Mad MikePro Comp CustomCool SlammerGenvieve ChappellMr. CoolBikeCorissa FurrCamarohCrap!Mr CamarohCrap Again!Fireball Award! LifetimeOilFilter!LifeTimeOliFilter!Fireball on Car&Driver RadioMr. CoolJeepCoolCamaroKurv WheelFireball's Official Ride

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