Another day at THE FARM… #malibu @malibufarm #food #organic


Had a chance to take my brother-in-law Tom to the MALIBU FARM yesterday, and yes, I had the Swedish Pancakes again. So awesome. But Tom also had the Salmon Sandwich which he said rocked his world. And again… @MalibuFarm is where it’s at in the Bu. End of the Pier for authentic organic and cool grub.

…Do it.

MALIBU FARM on the Pier wins out over Best View and Best Grub… #malibu @Malibufarm


Yesterday, Kathie and I went to the opening of MALIBU FARM on the Malibu Pier. We actually ended up being they’re very first customers at the door (No, we didn’t cut in line…) and getting our picture taken. Owner Helene Hendersen (An awesome Local Chef) greeted us with a huge smile along with her son Casper and co-worker Isaiah Seay. Right off the bat, these guys were excited to have us and meant business.

We stood in front of the first service counter and went over the new dishes that were available for the soft opening, and to our good vibrations, we locked into the Quinoa Oatmeal and Swedish Pancakes with Whipped Cream and Raspberries. (I bet you can guess which one I had…)

The place was beautiful, done up in rustic old Malibu style with great local’s only products lining the walls. Everyone was jazzed and the energy was high to get things just right as people started to pour in after us. We sat outside with a spectacular view of 1st point Malibu and waited with eager anticipation, along with a new friend named Rich whom we just met at the next table. We conversed about Lobsters, Diving and Karate for about 10 minutes when it happened…

The Swedish Pancakes, man… The Swedish Pancakes.

Now, I love to eat. And I love to eat well. That means I have a very high standard for good food, especially pancakes. These babies were piled high and looking so awesome that my hands were trembling as I was trying to Instagram them. But alas, I managed. And then I chowed down like a Wiener Dog to a hot dog. The tiny cakes were enveloped in pure maple syrup, whipped cream and I added a dash of thick coconut milk from Kathie’s Oatmeal… which was freakin’ awesome also, btw.

About 2 seconds later, and after about 20 of those lil’ pancakes, I was done and flabbergasted. Not only does MALIBU FARM have the best view in town of the beach, these two dishes kicked my tasties into the extreme high gear. If I wasn’t headed for Chicago tomorrow, I’d be back for more.

But… as Arnie says, “I’ll be back.” For more Pancakes, that is.

Finally, a great lil’ Malibu local’s place that serves a relaxed, peaceful and blissful experience. Thanks, Helene!!

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