What is Ellen DeGeneres next CHRISTMAS MASCOT? – FMV485

Fireball Malibu Vlog 485 sends Fireball & Kathie to Warner Bros Studios to deliver Kathie’s latest Mascot creation to Ellen Degeneres for her 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS episodes! Plus, some great Creative Inspiration. SHARE Today’s Vlog!


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Mascot of the Day… Nintendo’s MARIO & LUIGI in the U.S. Virgin Islands #nintendo #supermario #luigi #supermarioworld #gameboy


Ok, so I normally post MASCOTS on our KCL Blog, but I’ve gotten requests to see what Kathie has done for NINTENDO a lot here. So…. looks like I’ll be double-posting Mascots here too. And today… it’s MARIO & LUIGI.

We shot this spot in the U.S. Virgin Islands a few years back. Pretty hysterical, considering they hung myself and buddy Bob from wires to do the last shot. Yes, I’m Super Mario. 9 days in the USVI… pretty fun.

Today’s AGENDA… filled with coolness


Lots going on today, after I head to the gym to get a little closer to looking like Dwayne Johnson. Or, at least as big as his right arm. Pretty sure we weigh about the same, the arm and I. But… IF I don’t use up all my energy, I’m headin’ to my Publisher to discuss BOOK 2 and this weekend’s event and then start drawing this afternoon. But not for the next book…

Looks like Kathie has the new contract for the 2014 ARIZONA SUPERBOWL Mascot. A re-design of Spike. You remember Spike? He tromped around the Superbowl a few years ago, lookin’ all that. Well, now he’s going to be re-vamped, re-launched and re-combobyoolated. (Pretty sure that’s an Albanian word.)

Plus, I’ll be finishing a very cool project today that will be revealed at the signing on Sunday. Something for kids.

It’s FRIDAY!!!!

Ok, that’s it. It’s been one hellavu week and I’m takin’ Friday off. Gonna go check out CLOUD ATLAS today with Fireball Pop and the Bride, via the Camaro ZL1. Problem is, it usually takes half an hour to get to the theater… but in this car, I get there in 4 minutes flat. Go figure.

What happened this week? Well, the big news is that our KCL Division designed and delivered an incredible Christmas Mascot to Ellen DeGeneres yesterday at WB for the upcoming 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS. Kathie’s done it for the last 6 years, but this one’s really cool. It was brought in early due to the fact that a big Hollywood Celeb is going to wear it for the upcoming Holiday Shows. Be sure to watch, starting in December!


BIG BOOTY from Christmas 2010…

Last week, our KCL Costume Division was booked again for THE ELLEN DeGENERES SHOW. This Christmas Mascot is due earlier than usual this year due to Ellen’s special guest on Thursday. We’ll be bringing it to set Thursday morning just in time, but Kathie is feverishly building as we speak. What’s it’s gonna be? It’s gonna be TOP SECRET, that’s what! And it’s gonna be cool.

Here’s what Kathie’s done in past years…

KCL Mascot Costume of the Week… Stove Top

It blows my mind when I think about all the Mascot Costumes my wife has built over the years and the hundreds, if not thousands of commercials. Not every one of them was this cool, but as far as animal costumes go, this Turkey for Stove Top was hysterical. As a walkaround, it did the job on set. Although the idea that it would be stuffed later was creepy. (Guy didn’t look to happy about that.)

KCL Costume of the Week… Mario for President

Of course, you can choose whom you want to be Prez…. But in the world of the Fireball, Super Mario is the man. This week’s featured KCL Productions Mascot Character Costume is the man himself pictured here with Kathie and the Secret Service. (He wasn’t that happy that I took this at the recent campaign, but hey, get over it Mr. High n’ Mighty.)

Check out some of the other KCL masterpieces for Nintendo here.