Fireball drives the $235K 2016 MERCEDES S65 AMG – FMV416

Fireball Malibu Vlog 416. Fireball heads to Silverstar Mercedes Benz of Thousand Oaks, snags a brand new $235K #MERCEDES S65AMG off the line and hammers it. SHARE Today’s Vlog!

ABOUT: #Automotive #Hollywood Vlog Series FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG chronicles the awesome daily #CAR LIFE of Hollywood #CarDesign Legend #FireballTimLawrence and his Bride (#Mascot Builder-Sculptor & Surfer) Kathie Lawrence in celebrity haven, MALIBU, Ca. The Best in Automotive Culture, Amazing CARS, #Celebrity Interviews, #Car Shows, Car Design, Hollywood, #Travel, #Surfing, Automotive Inspiration, Sand and a Healthy Beach Lifestyle. Yes, all at once.

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Chevy, Nissan, Mercedes CIVIL WAR! FMV331

FIREBALL #MALIBU #VLOG 331! Fireball drives the CHEVY CRUZE, contemplates the new NISSAN MAXIMA and shreds the MERCEDES AMG GTS… then goes to the movies. SHARE Today’s Vlog!


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DRIVING THE FUTURE is… #Hypercars #MercedesBenz #ConceptSketches #BMW


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Today’s BEST CONCEPT CARS are the #Corvette #FordF150 #HyundaiGenesis #MercedesS600 #Chrysler200


Some wicked cars have been revealed at this year’s DETROIT AUTO SHOW. These are a few, but I’ll be posting more later. What’s gonna be your next ride? Take your pick…

2015-Chevrolet-Corvette-Z06-4 2015-f150-2-620x350 (Read on…)

BEST RIDES of the Week include a wicked CAR BOAT…


Cool Boat_Fireball Tim1

Plus the Alpha Romeo GLORIA, Mercedes AMG, Paraton E-Concept by Frederik Dallmeyer and Taxi by Daniel Ruppert.

Alfa-Romeo-Gloria-Fireball Tim1

Cool Boat_Fireball Tim2 Cool Boat_Fireball Tim3 Cool Boat_Fireball Tim4 Mercedes-AMG-45-FireballTim Paraton e Concept by Frederik Dallmeyer_FireballTim Taxi by Daniel Ruppert_FireballTim

MERCEDES ENER-G-FORCE Cop Wagon comes to the LA Auto Show… fer reel…

The other day, we got a glimpse of what Cops might drive in the future. Well, Mercedes decided to actually build it. Pretty sweet. Although, if this beast is actually what we’ll be seeing in LA 2025, then we’ll most likely see it at a car show instead of on the street ’cause it’s way too cool.

WATCH! MACGUYVER Mercedes Trailer gets serious….

A new trailer for MacGuyver? Hell yes. This one, with a Mercedes Citan Co-Star.

White Gold MERCEDES… duh.

This just in from my buddy, Dave Grant…

You may have seen this floating around, but this baby officially isn’t chrome, aluminum or stainless steel. It’s White Gold. And it’s a good example of Billionaires… um, Trillionaires wasting money on dumb things. So… here we go.

1. Official Dumb One. You’re driving a mirror that will reflect every other billionaire, thus they’ll be combing their hair while driving, squinting and yelling things you can’t understand. CRASH!

2. Official Dumb Two. It’s a Mercedes. If they really wanted to make a statement, then they’d white gold a Prius. Green and Gold. Doesn’t that just sound better? Sheesh! I mean, really. C’mon, Sheik Dudes… GET WITH THE PROGRAM!

3. Official Dumb Three. There is no dumb three, but I had some extra space here and have to keep writing until my coffee warms up in the nuker. BING! Done. …slurp.

Ok. Peace out…

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The inspired BMW Z25 Concept and MORE…

Like many concepts floating around, this one from BMW really hits it. More below, along with the Mercedes Tron inspired BLACKBIRD and a Camaro Concept from Baldwin.

Design inspires thought. Good thought. And good thought leads to good things and good actions. I’m posting this here so you’ll have a great weekend. Make it fun, peeps.

Source: Carscoop

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Best Dumb Driver of the Week… Don’t ask me how he did this, but it’s worth leaving up as an example of a true accomplishment…

Great stuff revealed this week, and as I cover all things COOL, here’s the HIT LIST… Plus… The news from Hollywood is thus..

Sam Neill Starring In J.J. Abrams’ “Alcatraz”

David Fincher Confirmed for “20,000 Leagues Under The Sea”

“Wrath of the Titans” Greenlit

“Avengers” logo hits…

2012 Mercedes Benz-C-Class-Coupe

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