What’s coming to THE FIREBALL PAD next? The 2015 MAZDA MX-5 MIATA Grand Touring


If you happen to see the new 2015 Miata cruisin’ through SoCal, there’s a chance it me testing out its coolness. I’ll be getting this car tomorrow (swapping the Kia Soul EV that I currently have) and seeing how it fairs as I try to avoid getting bugs attached to my noggen. Make sure to wave or if I’m stopped, say hi!

Is this the new MAZDA MIATA MX5? @MazdaUSA #Mazda #MazdaMiata


Seems a bit unrefined here, but these insider spyshots (or is it a render?) of what the new MIATA might look like makes it clear that something is up. Not too keen in the guppy face or the smoothness when designers are being challenged now so much with crisp form. This could have come out a few years back or even looks like a SEMA project car. What do you think? Leave a post below…