Racing at Irwindale Speedway – FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG 92

This episode… Fireball saves Kathie from a scawee spider and then heads to Irwindale Speedway in the Hellcat to meet up with childhood bud Mike and his twins..


Hot Rod cruise to Malibu…

I have one childhood friend. And his name is Mike. We go way back to 7th grade and… we both love cars. We caused a lot of trouble with them and could tell you things that would land us in jail. But that’s another story…

So, Mike took it upon himself to collect something bigger than a Johnny Lightning. He bought a 1931 Ford Model A Tudor. Well, not really. He actually bought a lot of Model A pieces and for the last 2 years, built this gorgeous vehicular contraption. And it’s awesome.

The greatest gift you can give someone is an experience they’ll never forget. And that’s exactly what Mike did for me today. He drove that little Black and Green beast all the way from Irwindale to Malibu. For the first time… on surface streets. When he arrived, we went over the car and all the great stories that made up how he built it. Hand painted in stipple. His boys wrenching… and they’re 7. The brand new Cokers that came in the mail. Where he found the car.

Then… we went for coffee. Up into hoyty toyty Malibu. And you shoulda seen the faces. If I had a dollar for every smile…

Cars bring people together. Adding happiness to the world. And bring peace among people. Thanks, Mike. My buddy always.

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