WATCH! Ride Along Episode 4 with the 2012 MINI JCW COUPE!!

Yes, it’s tiny. Able to leap small freeways in a single bound, more powerful than a loco motif and… it’s green. Um. Let’s just watch the dang thing, shall we?

2012 MINI Coupe gets the full treatment of curvaceousness…

Driving through Malibu, there are curves everywhere. And having a MINI Coupe to do than in makes them fun. And then, strapping a GO PRO to the top allows you to capture curves in a whole new way, so you get to experience it without getting sick as a passenger. Otherwise, it would take me a very long time to give everyone a ride… duh. It’s like logic.

Shooting the episode this weekend, but for now… just some teasers as to what this little John Copper Works Edition can do.