Hiring Fireball to DESIGN YOUR NEXT RIDE means the BEST in the BUSINESS. Fireball Tim has designed vehicles for 400 films and over 1K Commercials, plus many SEMA CARS. Reach out for a quote on your next CONCEPT Below are some you may recognize. Clients here include over 50 COMMERCIAL PRODUCTION COMPANIES, WAS PRODUCTIONS, MINIUSA, BMWNA, TUNER WARS, THE GREAT RACE, BERNINA & and many Individuals.





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Fireball’s Daily Sketch… MINI COOPER CANNONBALL


Another MINI concept, this one explored colored tires which STILL has not come in. Why? Don’t know for sure as the technology is here and it’s cost effective.

Someone has to just jump in…

Fireball’s Daily Sketch… MINI BEZERKER


This MINI BEZERKER was done for Ridemakerz, although once again, a little to scary for them. Below is what we did as the SHOCKWAVE.


My Daily Sketch… THE BATMINI


Tons of MINIS, all in different shapes and sizes. This one… for the Dark Knight.

MINI flips out… and it rocks


Oh, what do we do with a MINI? Curves? Canyons?

“Why don’t we just do a backflip?” Ok. Here you go…

WATCH! Ride Along Episode 4 with the 2012 MINI JCW COUPE!!

Yes, it’s tiny. Able to leap small freeways in a single bound, more powerful than a loco motif and… it’s green. Um. Let’s just watch the dang thing, shall we?

2012 JCW MINI appears at The Fireball Pad…

Ok, so June is starting out with a BANG. Although… it’s not really June yet, duh. But let’s pretend it is… And THAT means that this week for WORLD CLASS MOTORING, a stealth visit to Lexus and The HB Concours will be cool joints where this MINI will appear.

Come hang out and get some grub. Not at Lexus, though. That’s top secret and I’m already gonna have men in black suits at the door for mentioning this. You DIDN’T hear it from me…

MINI JCW Coupe confirmed for the Fireball Pad…

So, it looks like this hot lil’ BRG JCW MINI is headed to the Pad on the 29th. Get to poke around for a week and shoot an all new episode of RIDE ALONG. Smokin…’

What’s the big deal about MINI? Um… it’s a MINI, duh. And there’s lotsa curves in Malibu. Guess I better bone up on the Joe…

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WATCH! CARSHORTS Episode 3 features MINI vs. a THING?

What kind of THING? Watch and see…

What’s hot for the GENEVA AUTO SHOW!

Geneva is where it’s at right now. And here’s some of the coolness that you’ll see if you’re carvin’ snow and planning to go. (Hey, I made a rhyme!) Man, now I have to celebrate and have coffee…

Good morning y’all.

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