Chicago Day 4 Happy Birthday Mom – FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG 151


Today‚Äôs Episode : On Day 4 of Chicago, Kathie celebrates her late Mom’s Birthday, then something happens to send them home quick.



Mom and Dad

This was my Mom. Both known as Fireball Pop ‘n Mom. She was awesome and addicted to positivity. I have both of them to thank for that. But it so happens to be Fireball Pop’s Birthday today, too! Man, the craziness has ensued…

But today is dedicated to all YOU MOMS out there!

I want to wish you the absolute best day possible and say I LOVE YOU ALL! The world is a special place because Moms do what they do best by loving their kids… Even when they don’t take out the trash, complain about their girlfriends, drop their clothes on the floor, call you from jail, light a train car on fire, knock out their teeth, trip over the dog poop and drag it into the house, pick their noses and stick it on the wall, dye their hair purple and green because it’s “French Day,” eat something bad and then barf into your new boots, fart in the kitchen in front of the neigbs, call you from jail again, get drunk at the school football game and get a call from the principal… then date the principal’s daughter only to piss her off too, call you @ 3am and ask if you have Prince Albert in a Can, call you from jail for a 3rd time and then say “I just want to come home.”

Yea, you know who you are…

THIS, is why Mom’s are cool. So celebrate your Mom… and Moms, get out there and do the day like you’ve never done before. Thank you for being who you are.

Nancy Lawrence 1930-2008


I talk a lot about life. And I’ve been inspired by many things. But nothing, I mean nothing has inspired me more than the lady you see before you. For 78 years, this woman, my mother, my father’s wife, took every day as a gift and spent her life returned it to others. A thing of beauty, a moment of love, a lifetime of passion.


My mother passed away this weekend, near Mother’s Day. A time when people celebrate their Moms. And that statement will forever be stamped in the corners of my mind. She didn’t want to be mourned. She didn’t want people to know how she died. What she wanted, was for people to know how she lived. And if there was ever a woman that lived every day as if it were her last, then she was this woman.


An extraordinary Mother, writer, martial artist and thinker. A person we all aspire to be, and can only hope to. She raisied 5 kids after having 5 miscarriages, overcoming addictions by becoming addicted to love. Wrote when age became an enemy. All things that few of us have gone through, but we can all understand.


She lost a son to AIDS, watched all her friends leave the earth before her, but this woman charged ahead as if propelled by the entire force of humanity. There was nothing that could get her down. Not even breaking her hips 4 times.

To be grateful that someone like this was in your life would be an understatement of gargantuan proportions. Considering all the millions of ways that life can, and does, affect us all negatively, to overcome and succeed is to test life for all that it has to offer.


As she began to fade in the last few years, the one thing that never did was her positive nature. No matter the situation, there was ALWAYS a bright side. Her greatest gift to me and to all that met her. A giant force of love and wisdom.
If there is ONLY one thing that you can take away from this post, please let it be… that no matter what your difficulty, not matter how hard life gets when you lose something you love… if that person were here to guide you, they would say “Get off your ass. Embrace the gift of life, and share it amongst each other. Don’t waste another day not doing what you love.”

It was only yesterday that she took me out Trick o’ Treating.


I love you, Mom. Thank you so much for having me…


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