Fireball Movie Ride… MONSTER GARAGE!!!

Blessed to have done this car with JESSE JAMES, Master GENE WINFIELD and DARYL STARBIRD for Monster Garage. What fun…

This was the first concept for the FLYING CAR.

Fireball Design MONDAY… MONSTER GARAGE Flying Panoz

This was a while back, although I got to work with my good friends Gene Winfield and Daryl Starbird. Yes, it flew.

FIREBALL’S MOVIE CAR ART… The #MonsterGarage Insane ’54 #Ford #RanchWagon #1954 #1954Ford @GeneWinfield #DarylStarbird

Insane54-640 copy Insane54SketchSml copy

This Wagon was done for the final episode of MONSTER GARAGE (Episode 86). A ’54 Ford Ranch Wagon, chopped, channeled, pancaked and pinked by Gene Winfield and Daryl Starbird.

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Fireball’s Daily Sketch… THE MONSTER GARAGE INSANE 54


Another concept for MONSTER GARAGE was the Insane 54. A 1954 Ranch Wagon that we chopped and channeled. Builders included Gene Winfield, Daryl Starbird, Jesse and myself as designer. Great project for the final 86th episode.

MGarage 01 MGarage 04BannerPinterest

Fireball’s Daily Sketch… MONSTER GARAGE #monstergarage #jessejames


The Series Finale for MONSTER GARAGE was this flying car. And yes,… it flew.

FlyingCar1_Fireball-Tim FlyingCar2_Fireball-Tim FlyingCar3_Fireball-Tim

Southern California BLUES…


Why would anyone want to live in a place like this…

Southern California, if you’ve never been here, is really a tough place to hang. I mean, blue sky and 75 degrees in February. Ok, as if that doesn’t raise the mad jealous factor to 10, nothing will. But here’s the point…

Choice. …as in we all have them daily. It may seem that when the world is against us, we don’t. But we do.

It may seem impossible when we look at a mountain of debt and the how’s seem unsurmountable, we don’t. But we do.

A wise man once said, “Just take the first step, you don’t have to climb the whole staircase.” That man was Martin Luther King.

Live where you WANT to live, not where you HAVE to live. And you’ll find a way…

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