BIG BOOK of Wacky Rides now available… everywhere?

Wow, it seems my BIG BOOK of Wacky Rides just might be the hot things for kids? It’s my hope… Big ones, little ones… we’re all kids…

But not only is it available on Amazon (UK and Japan, too!) and B&N, you can now get it at, DeepDiscount, All Books, and even QBD in Australia. Plus, about 200 others worldwide. At this rate, we might just hit our goal of a billion smiling squirts!

Did some great interviews at the LA Auto Show yesterday with Bob Long of Autoworld, Allen Taylor of Motor Trend Radio, and Lou Ann Hammond of Driving the Nation. I’ll post here when the shows air, but big thanks to those guys in helping the journey begin!


Fireball on MOTOR TREND RADIO today…


Scheduled around 9:15 to a 9:30 start. Movie Cars, Fireball History and more!

XM Radio Channel 139
8-10AM PT or 11-1PM ET
Saturday & Sunday

Sirius Channel 108
8-10AM PT or 11-1PM ET
Saturday & Sunday

Talk Radio Network

(Click here to find your station)
Get it on iTunes, too.

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I’m a doin’ the MOTOR TREND RADIO thing…


Okay, this should be fun… I’ll be doing MOTOR TREND RADIO and AUTO WORLD RADIO today. I’ll be discussing the REDSTER, the new Johnny Lightning cars, and all the other cool stuff going on.

Motor Trend Radio
You can listen a few different ways:
• Sirius Channel 108. 8-10am PT / 11am – 1pm ET
• XM Radio Channel 139 8-10am PT / 11am – 1pm ET
• Talk Radio Network: Check the times on these radio stations throughout the country:
• iTunes as a downloadable Podcast under the Keyword: Motor Trend.
For more information on Motor Trend Radio:
AutoWorld Radio
Go to the “Tune In” box on their website for listening times and Podcast information:
Remember, if you miss either show live you can download the Podcast from iTunes for free.
Voila! Hope everyone has an awesome Sunday!!

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