Fireball hits Motor4Toys in the Valley, spots cool cars, pooches and… Santa! Featured are Doug and Marissa Campbell of Hillbank Motorsports.

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On Today’s Vlog… MOTOR4TOYS CARSHOW!! – FMV503

Fireball, Ken & Wes hit MOTOR4TOYS in Woodland hills for it’s 13th Annual Event, then it’s back to the Fireball Pad in Malibu for a hike past burned out Malibu Homes. Finally, all wrapped up in Fireball’s closing nonsense including the latest CARtoons Magazine!


MOTOR4TOYS goes off big… with thousands of cars

My buddy John came by in his orange Vision Concept at about 6am and we took off, after he woke up the whole neighborhood… 😉 That car is a beast with over 500hp…

Not sure, but I think this year’s Motor4Toys was the biggest yet. Huge thanks to Dustin Troyan for putting on such a great show. It’s a ton of work, but he does a great job every year. And big thanks to the coppers for watchin’ out for all the cool metal dispersed among the parking lot. Take a look at these babies and tell me which one you’d take home. My dibs are on the London Transit Bus….

MOTOR4TOYS 4 Kids 4 Cool Cars and 4 fun…

Fell asleep at 10pm last night. Woke up at 11:20, 11:40, 12:50 and then every 20 minutes until 3:30 when I got my butt outta bed. Why? ‘Cause my buddy Sal and I were going to MOTOR4TOYS in the Valley. … In Sal’s convertible Testarossa! Ah yes, it’s cool when your friends have cool cars, especially when they let you drive them. But Sal’s a BIG car guy and this show was gonna be BIG. So…

Boom, 6:30 and we were rollin’ into the shooo… along with 5000 other cool customs, rods, exotics, tuners, muscle cars, movie cars, trucks, slammed, channeled, chopped, pancaked, carbon fibered, polished and perked. I even went to Target yesterday and bought two big Santa Bags worth of Johnny Lightning diecast to donate. Kids love ’em, but I have to admit, I saw a few I wanted, too. Wups.

Check out the cool rides from the show! Thousands of toys were donated for again, a great cause. Thanks to Dustin Troyan for putting this on again.

Big success for MOTOR4TOYS…

Big thanks to Dustin Troyan for putting this great show on. A fantastic turnout with awesome rides, all to benefit kids. It’s probably one of the best events in SOCAL. To get involved for next year, smack THIS.

A day to JOHNNYS…

So, off I went this morning to Johnny’s Auto Clinic to get my car Registered. You know, smog check and all that, when SNAP! As I was driving, something went afunk. As in, my passenger’s side hub-assembly started a clickety clacken.’

Johnny took one look and said. “You’re drivin’ a Death Trap, Fireball!” SO, several hours later (and after my car was smogged and passed and came back,) I was sportin’ TWO new hub-assemblies on THE MACH 3.Not bad for 130,000 miles, I suppose. I’m grateful I wasn’t stuck somewhere in the Mojave.

Goin’ to the shop is always interesting. Especially when it’s not my shop. But if there was ever a great place to take your MINI, or any car for that matter, then Johnny’s rocks. Da pros.

And now that I have TWO new hub a dub dubs, I’ll be off to Motor4Toys Sunday, a thank you very much.