MOVIE CAR SHOWDOWN ROUND 2! It’s the General Lee VS Munster Koach!! VOTE NOW!

Today’s BATTLE pits the GENERAL LEE against the MUNSTER KOACH! Vote for your favorite IN THE COMMENTS and see who wins by the end of the day!

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MOVIE CAR SHOWDOWN!! It’s the 1966 Batmobile VS Starsky Ford Torino… YOU VOTE!!

Welcome to Fireball’s MOVIE CAR SHOWDOWN! Every day, we’ll pit two HOLLYWOOD MOVIE CARS against each other until we find the ULTIMATE BADASS!

Today’s contenders… the 1966 BATMOBILE VS STARSKY FORD TORINO. VOTE by leaving a comment below!

Starting tomorrow on Fireball’s Facebook… it’s MOVIE CAR SHOWDOWN!!!

What is the ULTIMATE MOVIE CAR? Who is the ULTIMATE HERO? Well, now you’ll get a chance to VOTE and decide through Fireball’s Facebook when he launches MOVIE CAR SHOWDOWN tomorrow!!

LIKE his page here so that you can participate and vote. Each day, TWO MOVIE CARS will go head to head on Facebook, Twitter and the Blog. Round ONE will include tons of your favorites and this may take a looooong time (as we are stuck at home), but who cares! It’ll be COOL!!

Vote each day by simply leaving a comment, then that car gets saved for the next round. Winners will be announced end of EACH DAY! BOOYAAAA!!!